Lil Kim Plans Quiet Winter Storm, “[It’s] A Preview Of What’s To Come In 2012″

Lil Kim Plans Quiet Winter Storm, “[It’s] A Preview Of What’s To Come In 2012″

Brooklyn rap veteran Lil Kim has decided to tease fans by announcing an upcoming five-record EP slated to drop around the winter holiday season.

Although she has yet to reveal its title, Kim said the project would be a preview for a bigger project dropping sometime next year.

“#TeamLilKim For the Holidays I’m releasing a 5 song EP for y’all as a preview of what’s to come in 2012 & so on 4rm Lil’ Kim :) !!!!!,” Kim tweeted November 26th. (Nicki Minaj’s Twitter)

Around mid-November, the “Queen Bee” put out a record called “I Am Not The One.”

In addition to her fiery remix of Uncle Murda‘s “Warning,” Lil’ Kim dropped a second song on DJ Kay Slay‘s radio show. The Queen Bee gets gruff on the street record “I Am Not the One,” rapping in a baritone that will take listeners back to her Hardcore days. “B*tch you was just a child o’ mine and I’m Casey, I’ma get off scot-free,” she boasts, while asserting her dominance. “I live the life of a queen/ I’m royalty, b*tch/ Bow down, kiss the ring.” (Rap-Up)

In June, Kim announced an affiliation with rap star 50 Cent‘s G-Unit.

“If ya’ll don’t know, this my boy right here, [Shawty Lo]. G-Unit South, that’s where it’s at…And I’m family too, down with the G-Unit camp. We got surprises for ya’ll.” (YouTube)

However, 50 later came forward and dismissed the claims.

“She’s not actually signed to G-Unit,” 50 explained in an interview. “We didn’t even have discussions about that. I heard it, I heard people say it too. It was just like, there was no reason to give confirmation for something that didn’t actually happen at all. Like, when people say Shawty Lo is signed to G-Unit, they think that he’s actually signed an artist deal directly to G-Unit when the project that we’re doing is a lot bigger. It’s a joint venture.” (Headkrack)

Prior to putting out her Black Friday mixtape earlier this year, Lil Kim’s last solo album, The Naked Truth, came out in 2005.

Check out some past Lil Kim footage below:

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