Lil’ Kim Mends Angry Fans After No-Show London Concert

Lil’ Kim Mends Angry Fans After No-Show London Concert

Brooklyn rapper Lil’ Kim has reportedly mended a few broken hearted fans after becoming a no-show at a London concert over the weekend by meeting them in-person.

Although it is not known how many fans came through, Kim reportedly invited a handful to her London hotel this week.

The rapper has now addressed the controversy on and she even arranged to meet disappointed fans at her London hotel. In a message posted on the website, she writes, “(It) was a very long day. There were things that happened that were out of my control. I love my U.K. fans. I want to do a big meet n greet (sic)… Meet me at my hotel lobby.” Lil’ Kim subsequently published a picture of her meeting with fans, alongside the caption, “Meet and greet in London. I love u (sic) guys!!! I love London. I’ll be back soon!!!” (Contact Music)

According to reports, concert organizers blamed the no-show on Queen Bee.

The musician was due to make her only live appearance in the UK this summer at the London music festival, but her set was scrapped ten minutes before she was due to go on stage. “Lil’ Kim did not turn up to her set on time,” the organisers explained in a statement. “The festival had no other option but to maintain the scheduled running order to ensure the other main stage acts were not disrupted.” (Digital Spy)

Kim’s camp has already fired back to down the accusations.

However, Lil’ Kim’s publicist Lizzie Grubman has since denied the claims, as well as issuing an apology to fan on the star’s behalf. “NEWS ALERT: Due to circumstances that were out of Kim’s control, her performance at #LoveBox was canceled,” Grubman tweeted. “Kim was on site and on time for her performance, and apologizes to all of her fans for the inconvenience.” (Digital Spy)

A few days ago, Kim posted a teaser to her upcoming “Looks Like Money” music video.

Lil’ Kim celebrated her birthday by debuting her new single “Looks Like Money,” and now she’s giving her fans a taste of the video. In the brief teaser, which she filmed off her computer screen, the Queen Bee struts in a busty white outfit and black ponytail in front of two luxury cars parked in a driveway. The flashy clip was shot at nighttime in her hometown of New York. (Rap-Up)

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