Lil’ Kim Linked To Scott Storch’s Stolen Car Case

Lil’ Kim Linked To Scott Storch’s Stolen Car Case

Lil’ Kim has been named a key person in Scott Storch‘s recent car theft arrest, with reports surfacing that the alleged stolen Bentley was a gift to her from the producer.

The vehicle, owned by her former boyfriend, was repossessed last April.

The ultra-expensive Bentley actually belonged to record producer Scott Storch, but here’s the catch — dude’s lease ran out in 2007 and he never gave the car back to the Florida-based leasing company. Instead he gave the car to Lil’ Kim at some point in time. Eventually, the repo company went to Kim’s place in New Jersey and took it back. (TMZ)

Kim made headlines last year when the Bentley was taken from her.

News York’s CW11 news channel was tipped off April 2008 that a repo man was about to visit Kim, so they sent a camera crew. When the repo man confronted Kim so he could get the keys to her care Kim said she’d have her accountant take care of the problem. The repo service said the car payments are four months behind, so the car is no longer considered her property. (Hollywood Grind)

Storch appeared in court last week pleading his innocence.

Storch allegedly leased a Bentley but never returned it after the expiration date. It took the leasing company seven months to find it. He pled not guilty in Broward County Court, Florida last Friday (April 10). (SOHH)

The producer’s lawyer, Bradforf M. Cohen, released a statement shortly afterwards regarding the case.

“We are disappointed in the decision to take a civil dispute and file it as a criminal charge,” it reads. “There are many facts, that when revealed, will clearly demonstrate that there was no criminal wrong doing on behalf of my client.” (Statement)

Storch is currently in rehab and due back in court Friday, May 29.

Kim has yet to release a statement regarding her involvement.

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