Lil Kim Hires Nicki Minaj’s Ex For “Black Friday” Music Video

Lil Kim Hires Nicki Minaj’s Ex For “Black Friday” Music Video

Brooklyn rapper Lil Kim has pulled out new tricks for her “Black Friday” anti-Nicki Minaj diss video by recruiting the Barbie’s ex-manager for assistance with the visual.

According to reports, Kim linked with Minaj’s former manager Fendi for the video.

While fans wait for their copy of Lil Kim’s Black Friday mixtape in the mail, the Queen Bee drops a video to the title track. The clip opens with a voiceover of the Notorious BIG speaking on his female rap protégé, followed by audio of Diddy Combs commenting on her feud with Nicki Minaj. “I’m the Blueprint you ain’t nothing brand new, check your posters and videos you’ll always be number two,” spits Kim over the instrumental to Pharoahe Monch‘s “Simon Says,” that rhyme an interpolation of a Jay-Z line from his song “Ride or Die” (Vol 2… Hard Knock Life). In the video, executive produced by the man who kick started Nicki’s career, her first time manager Fendi. Lil Kim is in battle mode, surrounded by her new crew IRS. A yellow Lamborghini is seen being driven throughout the video as well as a Nicki Minaj lookalike wearing different colored wigs. (MTV)

The clip also takes viewers into Kim’s Brooklyn, New York hometown.

After throwing lyrical jabs at Nicki Minaj, Lil’ Kim comes for her opponent in the viral video for “Black Friday,” a diss track from her mixtape of the same name. A Nicki impersonator is seen watching Kim’s videos on YouTube trying to imitate her style, while a dog chews on a pink-haired doll with butt pads whose shirt reads “Swagga Jacka.” Kimmy Blanco cruises in her yellow Ferrari, taking to the streets of Brooklyn with her IRS crew. She leaves viewers with a quote from Michael Jackson: “It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation…period.” The saga continues. (Rap-Up)

Last year, Fendi spoke on cutting ties with Minaj and getting her a Young Money deal.

“First and foremost I never sold Nicki to Wayne. Me and Nicki’s business venture was coming to an end. So I had to hurry up and do the Dirty Money/Young Money deal. Nicki is actually signed to Dirty Money/Young Money. I never will sell an artist. Warner Bros wasn’t ready for hip-hop. I actually pitched Nicki to Warner Bros and they passed. I had to go with the better look for Nicki’s career as well as Dirty Money’s career. I had to ask myself: Do I go with Warner Bros who still trying to break a hip hop artist? Or do I go with the Lil Wayne who’s the greatest rapper alive at this time?” (NC Hip Hop Connect)

To the female emcee perspective on Kim and Minaj’s beef, SOHH recently spoke to New Jersey rapper Lady Luck.

“You see, battle rapping breaks my heart,” Luck added. “And I’m gonna tell you why. As far as battle rapping is concerned, I look at it on lyrics. Lyricism. How would you put your words together mentally? How did you think about it? I look for all that. And I’m heavy on the battle rapping scene. I go to all the battles and sometimes I see people who win who shouldn’t have won, but they did because they were more entertaining. [In terms of] the other person, if you people open up your minds, and listen to what he said, ah man. He ran circles around [the winner]! It all depends on the writer that day and what will happen because if you compare the records they’ve had so far, and you’re basing it off that, I’d say Kim won because Kim done had harder verses. Nicki has more hit record verses but I think Kim’s got it when you compare them.” (SOHH)

Check out Lil Kim’s “Black Friday” music video below:

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