Lil’ Kim Gets Hardcore In $1 Mil Dispute, Claims Ex-Associates Stuck Her For The Paper

Lil’ Kim Gets Hardcore In $1 Mil Dispute, Claims Ex-Associates Stuck Her For The Paper

Brooklyn rap veteran Lil’ Kim continues to make headlines this month, now stirring up reports about a $1 million lawsuit filed against former business associates.

According to reports, Kim has taken aim at a couple of shady individuals.

Lil’ Kim filed a $1 million lawsuit against a lawyer and businessman who she claims duped her into signing a series of bad licensing agreements. The 38-year-old former rapper says Sunny Barkats bamboozled her into entering transactions that gave himself and his partner, Andrew Ro, a 44% stake in a corporation formed to license her brand names. Lil’ Kim claims that she eventually wised up to the shady deals in December 2012, but Barkats refused to rescind them. Barkats called the lawsuit a “frivolous” attempt for her to back out of contracts. (New York Daily News)

Heading into the weekend, the Queen Bee struck select media for years of allegedly distorting her image through photo editing.

“#TeamLilKim Ive put up with lies & bullsh*t from the blogs for too long.,” she tweeted March 8th.

“Years & years they have been photoshopping pics of me & sabotaging my image. I’m not putting up with that sh*t no more.”

“All they have been proving is im THAT b*tch with or without an album out & they always want to attack & bring down the real ones”

“Today was the last straw. You saw me on TV, people were posting pics all day… None of them looked the way that fake picture looked.” (Lil’ Kim’s Twitter)

Her comments followed representative C.J. Carter blasting her critics about plastic surgery accusations.

Her rep, C.J. Carter, explained that the article “can only be described as fictitious, malicious, and despicable.” He continued, “We would like to inform fans, the media, and the general public that this is nothing more than the blog site doing its best to conjure up much needed publicity and what better way to do so, than to take an American music icon and create a fictitious platform in which to disrespect and humiliate. We at Team Lil Kim are not taking this lying down and are taking this matter very seriously.” (E! Online)

Outside of the negative press, Kim recently reflected on the 16th anniversary of her late rap mentor Notorious B.I.G.’s passing.

When the Queen Bee appeared on “RapFix Live” on Wednesday, she fielded a question from Bun B, who lost his UGK partner in rhyme Pimp C back in 2007. “How was it dealing with the loss of Biggie for you in this industry,” Bun asked Kim in a pre-taped video. “Bun B, that’s a very tough question because it took me so long — super long to deal with the loss of a person who was such a huge impact in my life,” she said. The Notorious B.I.G. was tragically murdered on March 9, 1997 and while his passing saddened the hip-hop community as a whole, each year, fans, DJs, club promoters and other artists acknowledge March 9 as a day of celebration for Big’s life and music. (MTV)

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