Lil’ Kim & Ex-Boyfriend Call It Quits: “Don’t Be So Mad, You Fighting W/ Ya Self”

Lil’ Kim & Ex-Boyfriend Call It Quits: “Don’t Be So Mad, You Fighting W/ Ya Self”

Brooklyn rapper Lil’ Kim is officially a single lady after announcing her break-up with boyfriend Mr. Papers this week on Twitter.

Kim broke the news of her new marital status and separation from her boyfriend.

“Hey #TeamLilKim I want 2 say I love U & thank U for supporting me thru my Ups & Downs.,” Kim tweeted December 5th.

“As of 2night me & Papers are officially Over. No malice or bad blood. I’ll see U guys soon. #12DaysofXmas” (Lil’ Kim’s Twitter)

Papers hopped on Twitter shortly after Kim’s comments to give his two cents.

“@LilKim dont be so mad you fighting with ya self… Get ya facts str8 lol” (Mr. Papers’ Twitter)

Last spring, she would not answer questions about her romantic relationship with Brooklyn rapper Maino.

When asked by host Tony Sculfield about being linked romantically to fellow Brooklynite Maino, the Queen Bee laughed, before deflecting with, “I plead the fifth. Ask him that when you talk to him.” Rumors about the on-and-off couple first surfaced when Maino released a track entitled “I Still Love You,” back in January. (XXL Mag)

A month prior, Kim also refused to address the Maino-related questions.

If Kim’s daring new single “If You Love Me” is any indication, then it’s safe to say that she is in her 808s & Heartbreak period, the album on which Kanye traded in his rap bars for Auto-Tuned melodies. Ms. La Bella Mafia released the song this past Valentine’s Day on iTunes. While she doesn’t completely abandon her rap bars, she’s singing on the song’s hook. “If you love me, you would say it in front of the world,” Kim croons. Kim, who is working on a new album, revealed to Sway that the track was based on real-life experience. “It’s a true story. Somebody had allegedly made a record to me,” she teased without saying who that somebody is. Sway pushed further and asked Kim if the record was in response to Maino’s “That Could Be Us” single. In the past, the two have been linked romantically, but Kim wouldn’t reveal who “If You Love Me” was really about. “I plead the fifth,” she said, laughing. “There is a lot in my life, in my personal life, as far as dealing in relationships, that people don’t know,” Kim said, “and if they found out, they’ll be like, ‘What? You were with who?'” (MTV)

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