Lil Kim Calls Out Jay-Z: “I’m At The Barclays Center Front Row” [Audio]

Lil Kim Calls Out Jay-Z: “I’m At The Barclays Center Front Row” [Audio]

Brooklyn rapper Lil Kim has teamed up with Midwest rapper Tiffany Foxx for a new record dedicated to hip-hop mogul Jay-Z.

Simply titled “Jay-Z,” the Queen Bee flaunts her Brooklyn status and even shouts out Jay’s newly relocated Nets basketball team.

Kimmy’s home. Lil’ Kim pays homage to her fellow Brooklyn rapper on “Jay-Z,” a collaboration with St. Louis MC Tiffany Foxx, who is signed to her label International Rock Star Records. The ladies trade bars on the bossy cut off Tiffany’s mixtape Yellow Tape. “Allow me to reintroduce myself, the name’s Queen Bee,” raps the Brooklyn diva. “I’m at the Barclays Center front row, man/ I’m sitting so close, a b*tch looking like the coach.” (Rap-Up)

Over the summer, producer/rapper Hit-Boy put out his “Jay-Z Interview” record.

“I had the name even before I wrote the song. I had the name for maybe two months — maybe longer than that, maybe four months — before I had even written the song,” Hit-Boy revealed referring to “Jay-Z Interview.” “I just knew that was a great title for a song and I just kept it, wrote it down in my notes, and finally got the right beat from [producer] Bink. I started hashtagging it and people just caught on. It became its own phenomenon and made it to TV. They [MTV’s Hip Hop POV] showed it on TV and showed me the power of social media.” (Vulture)

Back in early 2011, Kim admitted she turned down an opportunity to join Jay’s Roc Nation label.

“I did get offers from representatives from Roc Nation and I did get phone calls from representatives from Roc Nation. A couple representatives from Def Jam had also reached out to me. I think they’re both amazing companies and I think it would’ve been brilliant for me and Jay to collaborate and team up together. However it just didn’t pan out like that. Not to say that something with me and Jay can’t happen in the future, but I doubt if Jay-Z or Roc Nation will be a part of my upcoming album. He and I are really good friends. We both were excited about the idea of us collaborating and maybe me signing with Roc Nation. I think Jay-Z is letting me be Kim at this moment. I think he feels that I deserve to be Kim and also to have everything that… It’s hard for record companies to sign females these days and give them exactly what they want and need. I understand that. It’s a different world out there.” (Rap-Up)

In 2010, rumors surfaced which claimed the Queen Bee officially teamed up with Young Hov.

Brooklyn’s female rapper and actress Lil Kim has officially signed a record deal with Jay-Z label Roc Nation. This rumor has been floating around for a while, but earlier today, industry insiders confirmed this rumor. A major announcement should be made soon. As of press, no word on when Kim’s new album will be dropping. The big homie Jay-Z is expected to be executive producing Kim’s new album. Roc Nation is an entertainment, management, and music publishing company, founded in 2008 by Jay-Z. In 2009, Kanye West became the CEO. (Hip Hop Beef)

Check out “Jay-Z” below:

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