Lil’ Kim Blows It Again But Unloads W/ Dicey New Track: “That B*tch Know How I Get Down” [Audio]

Lil’ Kim Blows It Again But Unloads W/ Dicey New Track: “That B*tch Know How I Get Down” [Audio]

Brooklyn rapper Lil’ Kim has once again missed her Hardcore 2K13 mixtape’s release date this week and, instead, provided fans with a new single.

While fans await a new drop date, the Queen Bee has released “I Am Kimmy Blanco.”

Rapper Lil Kim was supposed to drop her new mixtape, ‘Hardcore 2K13,’ on Black Friday, but she missed the deadline. However, the Queen Bee released a new single via Twitter called ‘I Am Kimmy Blanco’ to hold fans over. Over an eerie track, Lil Kim raps tough rhymes about lyrically murking rappers (*cough* Nicki Minaj) and holding down the throne in the rap game. “It’s Kimmy Blanco / The female Keyser Sosa / Taking over the game / Hercules, conquer / That bitch know how I get down / They already prompted us / While you screamin’ Queen Bee / We aimin’, here’s your encore,” she spits. Kim declares her dominance again in the chorus, rapping, “I am Kimmy Blanco / The motherf–in’ head honcho / So you better have your poncho / I’m about to rain on you pronto.” (The Boom Box)

She also provided fans with the project’s star-studded tracklisting.

HARDCORE PLAYLIST 1. Intro – In A Minor Part 2 2. Real Sick ft. JadaKiss 3. Kimmy Blanco 4. Be Careful 5. Dead Gal Walking 6. Stadium Muzic ft. Yo Gotti 7. Whenever 8. Haterz 9. Crush on You Part 2 10. Work Da Pole 11. Suicide ft. French Montana 12. Look Like Money (Lil’ Kim’s Instagram)

Last month, the Queen Bee spoke on her song “Dead Gal Walking’s” overall theme and motivation.

“It’s a very strong, serious record, but at the same time, feel-good,” Kim told MTV News on Wednesday (October 11). “There’s a lot of things that can turn you into a dead girl or a dead man walking and nobody wants to be that. So, I guess my message is ‘Don’t become a dead girl or dead man walking. Live your life right’.” (RapFix)

According to reports, the project’s previous setback was due to it still needing some fine-tuning.

Hard Core Halloween has been postponed. Lil’ Kim has pushed back the release of her mixtape until next month. The project is now scheduled to arrive on Nov. 29 aka Black Friday. Her manager Big Fendi announced the new date on Instagram. “#HARDCOREMIXTAPE 100% #HARDCOREAPP 80% DONE!!! I GOTTA PUSH MIXTAPE BACK TIL #BLACKFRIDAY #Nov29th #Nov29th,” he wrote. To make up for the delay, he will drop a new song tomorrow at 12 p.m. with a video to follow on Saturday at 3 p.m. (Rap-Up)

Check out Lil’ Kim’s “I Am Kimmy Blanco”:

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