Lil Kim Admits Crush On Storch, “I Love Scott. I Would Have Married Him” [Video]

Lil Kim Admits Crush On Storch, “I Love Scott. I Would Have Married Him” [Video]

Brooklyn rap veteran Lil Kim recently opened up on her love for ex-boyfriend/producer Scott Storch and what ultimately drew them apart in the mid-2000’s.

According to Kim, a request to relocate residences sparked a negative turn in their relationship.

“I love Scott. I would have married him. He’s a good person. I don’t even think he knew who he was talking to when I reached out to him. He has so many horrible people around him. Scott spoiled me, he treated me like a queen, but the thing is he thought he had to do all these lavish things,” Kim said in an interview. “We were living in Coconut Grove — and as soon as we went to Miami Beach, we started arguing and fighting and everything was horrible. Scott wanted to marry me, he gave me a huge pink diamond ring and it killed me to give it back. I was like yes, but not now. He was so upset. … [The break-up?] I was on my way to prison and he wanted me to move to Miami officially. I didn’t see the reason I had to move out there when I had all this going on.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Last year, Kim talked about their bond turning sour after a sweet run.

“Yeah, yeah, it’s done,” Kim said radio host TT Torrez referring to her romantic run with ex-boyfriend Scott Storch. “Yeah, I have all of my jewelry, all of the things he bought me, I have everything. Yeah, the [repossessed] car, I had the car for six years so I mean, the car situation was something where I could not have anything in my name at the time, anything new in my name at the time when he bought the car for me because I was going through my court situation. And anyone who knows when you’re going through a major court situation, like what I went through before I was in jail, you’re not supposed to buy anything, do anything, you can’t do anything at that time. You really can’t so he had the title for a long time. I had no idea he wasn’t paying the car note or that he was on drugs. I had no idea.” (Power 92.1)

Kim also discussed the producer’s desire to slap a ring on her finger.

“But let me just say this,” Kim added. “Scott Storch, at the time we were together, he was extremely, extremely good to me. I appreciate everything that he’s done for me and with me. Our relationship was not about material things, Scott and I really had fun. He’s one of the relationships where I probably would have married Scott on the strength of the fact that he treated me like a queen. The only thing that I didn’t accept — there was this ring. Scott really wanted me to have it. I kind of was not ready to get married and Scott was just like, ‘Move in with me.’ That was one of the biggest arguments him and I had. I saw him becoming possessive a little bit and it’s like he would get mad at me sometimes when I didn’t do things he wanted. I love Scott and I just didn’t understand how he wanted me to prove how much I loved him. One time we had the biggest argument because my feet weren’t next to his at a certain awards show we attended together. Like, little stuff which was stupid. A huge fight would break out.” (Power 92.1)

In late 2009, Storch confessed his undying love for the Queen Bee.

“I love her to this day,” Storch said in an interview. “She’s a wonderful girl. She has had a not-so-easy life. And she’s dealt with the same things that the media puts everybody through and I have feelings for her as a person and we dated. We were cool and that’s all that was. I consider her a friend and somebody I care about for the rest of my life.” (All Hip Hop)

Check out a portion of Lil Kim’s interview below:

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