Lil Jon Finalizes “Crunk Rock” Release Date, “It’s Been A Long Time Coming”

Lil Jon Finalizes “Crunk Rock” Release Date, “It’s Been A Long Time Coming”

Producer Lil Jon has announced a release date for his Crunk Rock LP and said the project would offer music fans a multitude of sounds including R&B, house and rock.

With help from artists like Game and R. Kelly, Jon’s album is set to come out this June.

“I’m finally ready to get CRUNK ROCK out there to my people!! It’s been a long time comin’ and the album has somethin’ for everyone on it,” he wrote in a statement. “I gave them every kind of Lil Jon that they have ever heard on an album. From the crunk sh*t, to R&B, to house, electro and rock… The album is on a whole other level… I can’t wait for da’ people to hear it!!!” (Hip Hop Press)

He recently said the project would reflect his recent experience on the road as a deejay.

“Eventually TVT folded and I got off the label,” Jon explained in an interview. “I got signed to Universal Republic about a year ago and I went back to the studio and started working on the album again and I had a whole new energy, new vibe, from being on the road deejaying and just from taking some time off, clearing my mind. So now I’m done, we’re officially ready. It’s not like, ‘We’re almost done,’ I’m just working on like one or the last two songs but all of my vocals are done except for one song. [It’s still called] Crunk Rock.” (DJ Ekin)

Last October, Jon said the album was on the verge of completion.

“We’re pretty much like 80 percent done,” Jon said of Crunk Rock, his first solo album, slated to be released by early next year. “It’s probably one of my best albums to date in the sense that it’s got a little bit of everything that I know everybody’s going to groove to. I basically got the tracks that I want down, and I just need to make some final touches…I loved making people dance. That’s what I’m getting back to.” (Associated Press)

Originally planned to drop around 2006, the project was recently pushed to November 2009.

While known for his unique, high-velocity production style, Lil Jon says the album will bear the fruits of his collaborations with the producers behind some of the most indelible, Billboard chart-topping hits of recent years, including DJ David Guetta, Dr. Luke and RedOne. In addition, Crunk Rock‘s guest-star parade will include The Game, Ice Cube, 3Oh!3, Elephant Man, Pastor Troy, Ying Yang Twinz, Pitbull, Soulja Boy, R.Kelly, Akon and Florida punk rock group Whole Wheat Bread. (Rolling Stone)

Crunk Rock is scheduled to drop Tuesday, June 8th.

Check out Lil Jon’s interview down below:

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