Lil Flips Off On-The-Run From Police Rumors: “Y’All Can Do Better”

Lil Flips Off On-The-Run From Police Rumors: “Y’All Can Do Better”

Houston rapper Lil Flip is not letting reports of him being on the run from police stir him up and, instead, is mocking the widespread coverage.

Flip hopped onto his Twitter page to poke fun at the gossip coverage his name has sparked over the past few days.

“From TMZ to Perez Hilton…. Who say nobody care bout Flip?!?!…,” Flip tweeted April 21st.

“ … On the Lam?!…come on Harvey, yall can do better ” (Lil Flip’s Twitter)

A few days ago, reports of an active warrant being issued for Flip’s arrest emerged.

Lil’ Flip skipped … and the judge tripped. The rapper — who’s accused of gun and drug possession — no-showed at a hearing this morning, and the judge reacted by holding him in contempt and issuing an arrest warrant. A source close to Flip said he was unaware he had a hearing today … and he told TMZ his lawyer is working to clear this silly little thing up. Flip was busted Christmas night for speeding … and cops allegedly found weed and an AR-15 rifle in the car. He told TMZ he has a license for the gun, and insists the blunts were just a special kind of tobacco. (TMZ)

Back in February, Flipper refused to cop out to gun and possession charges.

The Game Over hitmaker was stopped by traffic cops while driving in Louisiana and he was arrested when cops allegedly found marijuana and an Ar-15 rifle in his car. On Wednesday (20Feb13), Lil’ Flip pleaded not guilty to three counts of possession of a firearm, narcotic possession, and speeding. The hip-hop star previously vowed to fight the allegations, maintaining he has a licence for the gun and arguing the supposed marijuana cigarettes were actually Black & Mild tobacco cigars. A pre-trial court date has been scheduled for April (13). (Contact Music)

A month prior, Flip publicly spoke out regarding his publicized arrest.

Lil Flip is vowing to fight his recent drug and gun arrest because he claims he can prove the assault rifle found in his car is 100% legal … TMZ has learned. Flip tells TMZ he has a valid license to carry the gun — which he claims is not automatic firing — and says he needs to carry it because he’s an entertainer who’s been shot before. Flip — real name Wesley Eric Weston– gave TMZ a photo of his Texas concealed handgun license … which he says is also valid in 22 other states, including Louisiana. (TMZ)

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