Lil Durk Comes Clean On Game Face-Off: “Where I’m From We Don’t Run” [Video]

Lil Durk Comes Clean On Game Face-Off: “Where I’m From We Don’t Run” [Video]

Chicago rapper Lil Durk recently came forward to discuss ending his feud with West Coast hip-hop star Game and detailed how it all went down. #Truce

According to Durk, he did not back down and cashed-in on his opportunity to settle their differences at a Los Angeles night spot.

“The whole club scene was just like a standoff. Like, “I’m holding my ground.” And they’re like, “I’m holding my ground too.” Some people don’t do it like that. Some people rather not walk up to somebody in the club and do it. I heard plenty of times people ran from him. So I was just standing my ground. Where I’m from we don’t run. Especially for us being in another city on the come up. We can’t let nobody do that to us. You know? So we took it upon ourselves – We didn’t approach them like, “You h*e a** n*gga. F*k wrong with you?” We just hollered at him like we just wanted to see what it is, see where we standing.” (Power 106 FM)

Game broke the big news across social media network Twitter Sunday (June 29).

“My Big homie “G Weed” put @lildurk_ on the phone wit me. Sh*t is DEAD ! We chopped it up like REAL N*GGAS & both sides respect each other.,” Game tweeted June 29. (Game’s Twitter)

Durk also jumped onto his Twitter page to confirm the feud was over.

“@thegame @G_weeder149 a real one homie chiraq x LA,” Durk tweeted June 29. (Lil Durk’s Twitter)

Following Game’s “Chiraq to LA” diss, Durk’s camp revealed there were no plans to release a response track.

“Nah, we ain’t gon’ release no track,” Durk’s management told XXL. “Everybody that Game mentioned that he say he know in Chicago is releasing a track. G Count already released a track. Bump J is finna get on the phone from the federal penitentiary to say he don’t know Game.” (XXL Mag)

Check out Lil Durk’s interview:

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