Lil Chuckee To Kat Stacks, “If You Want To Get Fame Off Young Money, Do It The Right Way” [Video]

Lil Chuckee To Kat Stacks, “If You Want To Get Fame Off Young Money, Do It The Right Way” [Video]

Young Money‘s Lil Chuckee has shared his thoughts on self-proclaimed groupie Kat Stacks after her recent claims of sexual relations with multiple artists.

From Chuckee’s perspective, Stacks has taken the wrong approach by airing out Young Money artists over the Internet.

“I don’t like the way she’s doing it because that’s my big brothers and if you want to get fame off Young Money, do it the right way because you’re really doing it the wrong way,” Chuckee said about Stacks. “And you think you’re putting yourself out there as famous but you’re really putting yourself outt there as you know what. She’s not getting nowhere with it. She’s gonna stay right there — she’s not really getting nowhere and I don’t really like the way she did it. I don’t even know the lady, well, I can’t really call her lady because of the way she acts, but I don’t really know her and she can’t really say nothing about me…” (Vlad TV)

Earlier this month, Fabolous denied being romantically linked with Stacks.

“I’ve never met Kat Stacks,” Fab promised in an interview with Tim Westwood. “I’m a hundred percent sure. [laughs] Let me tell you how I ‘almost’ met Kat Stacks. We were doing a video, ‘Body Ya,’ we were doing a video and we had girls from Twitter and the Internet or whatever, sending pictures to be a part of the video. And Kat Stacks was one of the girls who sent a picture in. Unfortunately, she didn’t get chosen for the video. I think it was the bangs, the bangs weren’t working, they were too low and we wouldn’t have been able to see her — this was before she was so key, because it was right before she went and did the Internet thing.” (Tim Westwood TV)

Stacks later responded to Fab’s comments and accused him of lying.

“I just watched this interview with Fabolous talking sh*t about me talking about I tried to audition for the ‘Body Ya’ video but I didn’t get hired because my bangs were too long,” Stacks said in a video. “First of all motherf*cker, he tried to pay me $200 to work overtime from Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. For $200? I been a stripper since I was 15. The least strippers make is $800. We make over a [thousand] every night, you trying to pay me with $200? Ah h*ll nah motherf*cker…And then he want to claim he don’t know me, like we didn’t f*ck at Crown Plaza Hotel in Manhattan? Tell them how good my p*ssy was. Hit up Fabolous, his number is 917…..” (World Star Hip Hop)

Grammy-winning rapper Nelly questioned her alleged affair with him last month.

“Sweetheart, all you have to tell me is what hotel did we f*ck in,” Nelly said during a radio interview. “You have to tell me one that we’ve been f*cking around at for two months. Tell me one of them, please…I’ve been exposed? You lie. You can’t tell me one hotel. You can’t tell me one hotel in two months that you’ve seen me at ever in your life…And find that hotel we f*cked at because you said it was several of them. Why is it you can go into details about everybody else but me? Why we ain’t got no details? What happened? Get the f*ck out of here. I can’t even understand her. Let me go get my son. It’s to your best interest to quit with the lies. She knows she’s lying. I know one motherf*ck that didn’t touch her. I know one for sure.” (Shade 45)

Check out Lil Chukee speaking on Kat Stacks below:

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