Lil Cease Referees Nicki Minaj/Lil Kim Beef, “She Did Pay Homage”

Lil Cease Referees Nicki Minaj/Lil Kim Beef, “She Did Pay Homage”

Junior M.A.F.I.A. member Lil Cease has shared his stance on the current Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj dispute.

Cease believes Minaj has already paid her respects to Kim.

“You can’t knock [Kim] for that. But the paying homage thing, when I seen Nicki Minaj with the green hair, when I seen her do similar pictures that Kim has done — I look at that as paying homage,” Cease reasoned. “I saw other things where Nicki did pay homage; she said some [complimentary] things about Lil’ Kim. But we don’t know what’s going on. We don’t read between the lines like MCs do. Kim probably sees or hears things none of us probably sees or hears. She’s just making her judgment from what she’s seeing. We can’t knock her for that. At the end of the day, Nicki is Nicki. She’s building her own lane. She’s doing what she’s gotta do. She’s hot, she’s sexy. I’m sure she’s got some things from Kim, but [Nicki’s] setting her own lane.” (MTV)

Diddy has also vouched for Minaj and recently responded to Kim’s disses.

“I want to say I love Lil’ Kim, man,” Diddy said in an interview with Tim Westwood on Friday (June 11). “I’m sorry that she’s mad. I never would have thought that by me working with another artist that she would take it the wrong way. But if she’s taking it the wrong way it ain’t meant like that. Nicki never did anything to her…She ain’t trying to swagger-jack or say nothing negative about her. I just think that Kim needs to just understand that Nicki as a whole has always been respectful of her and Nicki’s not trying to be her. I ain’t gonna make no apologies for working with Nicki Minaj. [She is] somebody that’s never said anything negative about Kim and just really has always, in my eyes, has paid homage to Kim. She’s a different MC. They don’t even talk about the same thing. If you’re like a connoisseur of MCs and you a specialist — like what Kim has talked about and what Nicki talks about — they don’t talk about the same things.” (Tim Westwood TV)

However, Terror Squad leader Fat Joe has backed up Kim.

“I think she’s super dope,” Joey Crack said about Minaj. “I think she’s sexy, she’s doing her thing. She’s killing them, fly fashion, she’s got it all, you know what I’m saying? It’s like, sky’s the limit. Yeah, Nicki Minaj needs to pay homage, she needs to say, ‘Yo, Kim is dope.’ What’s wrong with that? ‘Yo, Kim is dope, she’s the sh*t.’ I’m a fan, I’ve been in the game for f*cking 17 years and I still say KRS-One is my idol. I still say LL Cool J is my idol. It’s nothing wrong with saying ‘Yo, Kim is the sh*t.’ Everybody knows that Lil Kim is the sh*t. She’s a real b*tch, a living legend, down with Notorious B.I.G., why wouldn’t she big her up?” (Vlad TV)

Kim claims Minaj has subliminally taken shots at her on numerous occasions.

“For the last year, she’s been subliminally taking shots at me, subliminally taking shots at the other girls in the industry and I mean come on, we read that interview where she said ‘Oh, being that the other rap chicks in the game ain’t got sh*t to do right now, when I’m by the pool, they can feed me grapes,’ I remember that sh*t,” Kim said in an interview. “I keep my ears to the street at all times. Just because I do my Hollywood thing and my Malibu Barbie thing don’t mean my ears ain’t to the streets at all times.” (This Is 50)

Check out Lil Kim speaking on Nicki Minaj below:

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