Lil Boosie’s Jail Release Details Unlocked: “It’s A Blessing For Him To Be Home”

Lil Boosie’s Jail Release Details Unlocked: “It’s A Blessing For Him To Be Home”

Hours after the unexpected release of Baton Rouge rapper Lil Boosie, new details on his departure from the Louisiana State Penitentiary have surfaced online.

According to reports, Boosoie Bad Azz became a free man shortly after 7 PM EST Wednesday (March 5).

Rapper Lil Boosie, whose real is Torrence Hatch, walked out of prison a free man Wednesday evening, after being locked up for more than four years. Warden Burl Cain said Hatch was released from the Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola at 7:10 p.m. He was then transferred to a West Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Office facility in St. Francisville, where family members were waiting for him. “It’s a blessing for him to be home,” said fan Clifford Jackson. “He went through the struggle, he’s home and just wish him the best.” (WAFB News)

Reports also claim he will be on parole for another four years.

31 year old Boosie — real name Torrence Hatch — was intitially locked up on a marijuana charge in ’09 — but during his stay, he was busted attempting to smuggle drugs into prison — so a judge tacked 8 years on to his original 4 year sentence. But Boosie caught a break and has been released early. A rep for the penitentiary has told the media Boosie will be on parole until 2018. (TMZ)

Yesterday, buzz about Boosie Bad Azz possibly being released by next week emerged.

According to Lil Boosie’s label rep, the 31-year-old rapper will be released from prison in time for a press conference that will take place March 10. Atlantic Records’ Ashley Kalmanowitz explained to NOLA that he will “absolutely” be attending the event, where the Baton Rouge native will speak for the first time since he was sentenced to five years in prison for various charges. “He will absolutely be there,” she said. “He’ll be speaking to the press for the first time … after his release.” His most recent charge was in 2011, when he pleaded guilty for attempting to smuggle narcotics in prison. (Complex)

Last month, reports revealed Boosie’s initial February 13 projected release would likely be set back.

We do know he’s coming and it’s all but a given that it’ll be in 2014. Yet, pinning down the exact date isn’t as cut and dry as it once seemed. On Friday night, LA Weekly’s Jeff Weiss reported he “received confirmation that Boosie will not be getting out of jail next week. However, his release is imminent — most likely in March. A parole board hearing was scheduled for Boosie next week but was canceled, because it didn’t make sense considering his release is so soon.” (Smoking Section)

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