Lil Boosie Calls Murder Indictment Rap Conspiracy, “[It’s] Based On An Attack Against Hip-Hop”

Lil Boosie Calls Murder Indictment Rap Conspiracy, “[It’s] Based On An Attack Against Hip-Hop”

Incarcerated rapper Torrance “Lil Boosie” Hatch has spoken out on murder allegations made against him, believing that the claims are a conspiracy against hip-hop.

Boosie has pronounced his innocence and revealed the support he is receiving from close associates.

“I’m innocent; I’m completely innocent” stated the rapper after he was transferred from Hunt Correctional Institute in St. Gabriel, LA to East Baton Rouge Paris Prison following the additional charges. “My situation is one that is unjust, unfair and based on an attack against hip-hop and rap as a whole. Even through these circumstances my family, labels and fans have stood by me and I thank you for that. My album Incarcerated comes at a real changing point in my life.” (Yo! Raps)

Despite being placed behind bars, Boosie is set to release a new album and film.

Incarcerated rapper Lil Boosie has revealed details behind his upcoming album Incarcerated, which will be released as the rapper serves a four-year sentence for drug possession and awaits trial for 1st-degree murder on September 28th. Lil Boosie has reconnected with his Trill Entertainment label to release a new compilation CD this October 26th called Trill Family. The first single is titled “Turn Tha Beat Up” and funds from the projects will go to the legal defense fund for Boosie and the other men that have been indicted. Finally, a new DVD from Trill Entertainment titled Ghetto Stories: The Movie. The flick will star Lil Boosie, Webbie, actor Tyrin Turner and Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander. (All Hip Hop)

Last June, Boosie was indicted on murder charges dating back to October 2009.

Hatch was indicted in the October 21st shooting death of Terry Boyd. Michael Louding and Adrian Pittman are also indicted on first degree charges on Boyd’s murder. East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney Hillar Moore says all three of the alleged killers meet the criteria of first degree charges. Moore said that the death penalty is not out of the question. Hatch and girlfriend Walnita Decuir along with a former Dixon Correctional Institute guard and an inmate were also indicted on drug charges. (WAFB News)

In light of the situation, Boosie could find himself being subjected to the death penalty.

Police records say Boosie and the two men fired shots into the home of Terry Boyd, then 35. The rapper allegedly was in possession of ecstasy, codeine and marijuana. All three men were charged with conspiracy for their part in the act, police say. A district attorney said the death penalty was not out of the question. (MTV)

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