Lil B Responds To Game’s ‘Wackest’ Title, “You’re A Legend In My Book, But [You’re] Irrelevant” [Video]

Lil B Responds To Game’s ‘Wackest’ Title, “You’re A Legend In My Book, But [You’re] Irrelevant” [Video]

West Coast rapper Lil B has finally responded back to fellow California emcee Game for labeling him the wackest hip-hop artist of all time this week.

While refraining from entertaining a beef, Lil B said Game’s comments were simply irrelevant.

“Game’s talking about me, but right now, and I respect Game,” Lil B told paparazzi this week as he entered a car. “I got [Game’s] Live From Compton 2 [album], so Game already know, you’re a legend in my book. But he’s irrelevnat. Based God!” (Bad Luv TV)

A few days ago, Lil B also hit up Twitter to get at Game.

“@thegame i got live from compton disc one and 2 so i rap 4 dayz u no bout that – Lil B,” he tweeted August 16th. (Lil B’s Twitter)

Earlier this week, Game said a Lil Wayne and Lil B collabo made him the wackest rapper of all time.

“Number one, wackest rapper of all-time,” Game said in an interview. “This is crazy, man. The wackest rapper. Lil B. Lil B. Yeah, he gotta get it because I heard him on [Lil] Wayne’s, I heard him on [Wayne’s] Sorry 4 The Wait and that was it. I couldn’t — that was it. I never really heard anything else that I can even remember to call it wack but I remember I heard that and that’s what it was. So, like, Lil B.” (Vlad TV)

Over the spring, Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs clowned Lil B’s I’m Gay album title.

“No f*ck sh*t. This ain’t no Lil B Based God or no f*cking f*ggot sh*t like that up here,” Freddie told fans at a Southpaw Brooklyn show April 27th. “What the f*ck you thought this was? N*gga this is real rap. N*gga. Based God get the f*ck outta here n*gga.” (YouTube)

Check out Lil B’s response to Game below:

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