Lil B Makes History, Unexpectedly Drops “I’m Gay”

Lil B Makes History, Unexpectedly Drops “I’m Gay”

West Coast rapper Lil B decided to avoid extensive promotion by unexpectedly releasing his much talked about I’m Gay (I’m Happy) album on iTunes.

Packed with a dozen records, Lil B’s new LP dropped Thursday (June 30).

A few weeks ago, the controversially titled I’m Gay LP that Lil B promised the crowd at this year’s Coachella got cover art– as well as an amended (I’m Happy) added to the album title. Now, the whole album has been released via iTunes now. Above, listen to the album’s opening track, “Trapped in Prison”; below, check out the tracklist. I’m Gay (I’m Happy): 01 Trapped in Prison 02 Open Thunder Eternal Slumber 03 Game 04 Unchain Me 05 Neva Stop Me 06 Gon Be Okay 07 The Wilderness 08 I Hate Myself 09 Get It While Its Good 10 I Seen That Light 11 My Last Chance 12 1 Time Remix (Pitchfork)

Lil B also hit up his Twitter page to provide a purchase link for the LP.

“Lil B “IM GAY” BUY NOW ON ITUNES ONLY! PROJECT – Lil B,” he tweeted June 30th. (Lil B’s Twitter)

Two week ago, Lil B released the cover art for I’m Gay.

Several months and several death threats after announcing that his upcoming album would be called I’m Gay, weirdo rapper Lil B has backed off a bit, or clarified a bit, or something with the cover art. So yes, there’s that “I’m Happy” parenthetical right below the title, which kind of sounds like an elementary-school joke but, to be fair, is the same rationale Lil B’s been giving ever since the announcement. Again, he wants the world to know “words don’t mean anything”-which anyone who’s ever used the words “I’m gay” to say that, in fact, they are actually gay might disagree with, but which certainly isn’t inconsistent with B’s stream-of-consciousness style. (Pop Dust)

He later came forward to break down the significance of his selected cover art.

“Pretty much the album cover, you see it’s the three sides of the slavery, mental slavery and mental freedom at the ending where everybody is happy,” B explained in an interview. “The reason why I did the I’m Gay album, I really seen that the hip-hop community is being very close-minded and very hateful, very violent…People use evil words, money, separation, stuff like that. I just wanted to make this to show words don’t mean anything.” (MTV)

Check out Lil B’s “I’m Trapped” down below:

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