Lil B Embraces “Gay” Hate, “You Owe N*ggas An Explanation For This”

Lil B Embraces “Gay” Hate, “You Owe N*ggas An Explanation For This”

West Coast rapper Lil B has encountered mixed reactions over his decision to title his upcoming album, I’m Gay and has revealed the positive and negative fan remarks via Twitter.

While a majority of his tweets displayed support, a few fans voiced their concern over B’s album title.

“ashsanmo @LILBTHEBASEDGOD is legitimately the future of rap bold for naming his album “I’M Gay” he might be the next Mos Def with his radical output,” he retweeted Sunday (April 17).

“D_Wims @LILBTHEBASEDGOD jus named it “I’m gay” to see if we would stay loyal nd buy it, y’all kno he str8 nd f*ckin everybody b*tch”

“OhhMrWilson @LILBTHEBASEDGOD Mom: what is that racket your listening to? Me: I’m gay lmao”

“IlluminatedA @lilbthebasedgod I allways support you Brah Brah BUT I’m gay I Unnoo I kinda have Mixed emotions about that One Dawg”

“MoeMartin44 Aye @LilBTheBasedGod you know you owe n*ggas an explanation for this “I’m Gay” sh*t right?…smh”

“AeMr I mean if @LILBTHEBASEDGOD is gay. I believe it, haven’t you’ll n*ggas seen his twitcon. This n*gga got on a kimono. #GetREAL”

“staycee_b So *iggas gonna be saying that they gay cuz of @LILBTHEBASEDGOD . What’s life coming to?” (Lil B’s Twitter)

New York’s Power 105.1 morning show host Angela Yee publicly co-signed B’s title.

“I love that @LILBTHEBASEDGODnamed his album “I’m Gay.” Tooooo much!,” she tweeted over the weekend. (Angela Yee’s Twitter)

The Based God officially announced his album title initiative during the weekend’s annual Coachella concert in his home state.

“I’m gonna do the most controversial thing in hip-hop,” B said while performing at Coachella in Indio, California. “Y’all heard it hear first. And I’m gonna just show y’all that words don’t mean sh*t. I’m gonna make an album called ‘I’m Gay.’ Now I’m gonna tell y’all why I’m the first person to do it in hip-hop and why y’all are the first people to know my reason…First of all, gay means happy. I like women, I love women, you feel me? But it just shows me, no matter what you do, live life, you only got one life to live, be happy. F*ck the hating.” (YouTube)

Last summer, Lil B talked about not being a homosexual.

“It’s a touchy subject. I respect the h*ll out of gays and the gay community. I’m not a gay man. I don’t agree with sex with another man or f*cking another man or giving blow jobs to another guy. That’s not my thing. I’d rather f*ck a girl, f*ck her in her a**, f*ck her in the mouth or something. Sorry for cussing.” (Complex)

Check out Lil B’s announcement down below:

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