“Let’s Not Deny [LL Cool J] His Dues…It’s Time To Give Him His Credit”

“Let’s Not Deny [LL Cool J] His Dues…It’s Time To Give Him His Credit”

With yesterday’s news of LL Cool J being excluded from the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame for the second consecutive year, SOHH hit up a few New York-based hip-hop artists for their reaction to the snub.

Lyricist/reporter Amanda Diva expressed to SOHH that although she feels LL is a music icon, should not be rushed into the Hall of Fame.

“LL Cool J is ill, do not get me twisted,” Diva told SOHH. “LL Cool J is ill but I kind of feel like there’s groups that could very well be in that position that haven’t been inducted yet. So we can be mad about it but the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is it’s not about hip-hop. That’s just what it is. It’s about a mass of music. It’s not about leaving LL Cool J out…They just, just, just inducted Jimmy Cliff and he’s a huge, huge, huge influence as far as reggae goes. There’s Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff. Jimmy Cliff literally became only the second West Indian inducted into the Hall of Fame. And [people] are mad about LL Cool J? We got a long way to go.” (SOHH)

Prior to yesterday’s revelation, Little Brother associate Chaundon said that the Queens-bred hip-hop pioneer should be given a spot in the Hall of Fame.

“LL deserves to be in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame,” Chaundon told SOHH. “Come on, LL rocks the bells! He did a lot. He did a lot that people didn’t do. He really deserves to be in there. Look at how long he’s been in the game. He is the cornerstone of Def Jam. He’s really a cornerstone in hip-hop. Nobody can really front on LL Cool J in their right mind. This dude has done it all. For him to finally take acting seriously and do other stuff without being the “old school” rapper, it’s been incredible. He’s on CBS, B! He sold wild records, so you can’t deny that. Maybe only two records flopped, but he sold wild records if you look at the numbers. Every record went platinum except one that went gold, two flopped. But so what? LL Cool J’s like the Yankees. Look at the banner. He’s got a lot of banners. Let’s put him in the Hall of Fame. Let’s not deny him of his just dues. He broke a lot of barriers, came through at 15, signed to a super deal, did 14 albums and it’s time to give him his credit.” (SOHH)

When LL was announced as an inductee last September, Def Jam co-founder Russell Simmons vouched support for him.

“Nothing makes me happier than seeing the greatest of all time, LL Cool J, getting nominated to become a member of the Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame. I remember when Todd was just a young, runaway kid who kept sending his demo tape to Rick Rubin‘s dorm room. When we first listened to his tape, we knew we had to make Todd part of the Def Jam family. Over the years, Todd made hit after hit, and maybe only to Jay-Z, he has the most hits in hip-hop history…at least in my book. But more importantly than being a hit maker, Todd has always said yes when asked to give back to his community. I have asked him to do many, many things and he has NEVER said no. He is a true friend and someone who truly deserves to [be] immortalized in the Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame. (Global Grind)

News of LL’s elimination landed on the Internet yesterday (December 15) afternoon.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is ready to admit a new class: Alice Cooper, Tom Waits, Neil Diamond, Darlene Love and Dr. John have all been inducted for 2011, the foundation announced Wednesday. With the exception of Waits, this was a first time nomination for all of the inductees. Artists aren’t eligible for induction until 25 years have passed from the release of their first single or LP. The 26th annual ceremony to celebrate the inductees will go down on March 14, 2011 at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City, and will be broadcast on Fuse. (CNN)

Check out some recent LL Cool J footage below:

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