LeBron Tries His Hand At Rapping: “You Already Know What It Is, It’s The King James” [Audio]

LeBron Tries His Hand At Rapping: “You Already Know What It Is, It’s The King James” [Audio]

Miami Heat star LeBron James may be looking for a back-up career in case things ever turn sour in the NBA and has released what appear to be a couple audio clips of him rapping.

In the clips, King James is heard spitting a few rhymes to beats like The Throne’s “N*ggas In Paris.”

LeBron James … is no Jay-Z … but last night, the NBA superstar released a teaser of what sounds like his first attempt at RAPPING … and … well, at least he’s better than Tanning Mom. LBJ posted two audio clips on his Instagram account last night — on the first clip, he’s doing the intro thing over Jay-Z’s “N**gas in Paris” … saying, “Yo you already know what it is … it’s the kid King James.” On the second clip, you can actually hear James rap — mid-flow — and let’s just say he doesn’t just flop on the court. Overall, it’s not the worst attempt at rapping we’ve ever heard … but he’s no SHAQ!!!! (TMZ)

Last year, Atlanta rapper Ca$h Out reacted to James rapping to his “Cashin’ Out” anthem following an NBA Finals championship victory.

“He knew the words, man!” a geeked Cash Out told XXLMag.com. “It’s a blessing for people to recite the words to your song. He was celebrating and rapping at the same time. It’s a blessing…for him to acknowledge my song. I’m definitely a fan of the Heat.” And how does Ca$h Out rate James’ performance of his smash single? “From one to 10, I give him a 10, man,” the rapper added about the NBA superstar, who also rapped along to 2 Chainz’ “Riot” earlier that night as well. “I give King James an ‘A’ just because he won the championship. He was feeling good…probably one of the best feelings in his life. He’s a champ. I won some money on the Heat.” (XXL Mag)

Along with “Cashin’ Out,” King James also rapped to fellow Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz‘s “Riot” during the celebration.

LeBron James is gonna be one exhausted (and hungover) NBA champion today … ’cause the guy partied his face off ’til 6 AM … and TMZ has the pics. James and the rest of the world champion Miami Heat hit up the LIV Miami nightclub at the Fontainebleau Hotel … where LeBron was drinking out of a 15-liter bottle of Ace of Spades champagne … which usually run around $75k. Sources at the club tell us … LeBron grabbed the mic … and rapped along with the music all night long … while a bunch of his teammates puffed away on cigars. At one point, ‘Bron rapped along with the song “Riot” by 2 Chainz while LMFAO rocked out on a nearby stage. (TMZ)

Miami rapper Ace Hood previously talked to SOHH about Bron’s fellow Heat teammate Dwyane Wade rapping on stage days before NBA All-Star Weekend 2012.

“Yeah, yeah, we turned up, man,” Hood laughingly told SOHH recalling the D-Wade set. “My homie D-Wade is doing his thing, man. Shout-out to the homie. They’re balling out. LeBron James, [Udonis] Haslem, all of them. But yeah, we were in the club turned up, balling hard and doing some things for the ladies. We were super turned up. He wanted that Miami-Broward County feel down there in Orlando. … [Playoffs run?] Of course. They’re playing outstanding basketball. This year is starvation in D-Wade. They want it bad. It goes back to [my upcoming mixtape], Starvation, they want it bad. We want a ring. They want to be at the top, I want to be at the top. We want it bad, you feel me?” (SOHH)

Check out LeBron James rapping:

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