LeBron James Rips Off Cavaliers Jersey, Benzino’s New Mag Covers The King

LeBron James Rips Off Cavaliers Jersey, Benzino’s New Mag Covers The King

SOHH has learned NBA superstar LeBron James will grace the cover of Raymond “Benzino” Scott’s new sports and lifestyle magazine called Skyboxx which is set to make its newstand debut next week.

Benzino, the former co-owner of The Source magazine, and current co-owner of Hip-Hop Weekly, spoke to SOHH about the direction of his new venture.

“We got something coming out, we just finished LeBron James, I’m actually looking at it now,” Zino told SOHH. “We’re coming out with a monthly magazine called Skyboxx and it’s basically going to cover sports. But, a lot of magazines out there kinda cover sports from the sports perspective. We kinda want to cover stuff from a lifestyle angle. These athletes are like the new hip-hop stars nowadays so there’s a lot of things going on around their lives that people are interested in so we’re gonna cover that on a monthly basis.” (SOHH)

Zino also said the issue will allow fans to peel off the NBA star’s former Cavaliers jersey.

“Right now we have LeBron James on the first issue with a Cleveland Cavaliers jersey but when you peel it back, it turns into the Miami Heat jersey,” Zino added. “It’s going to be crazy. This has all been a blessing to do something like this.” (SOHH)

The sports magazine also plans to encourage female readership.

The first issue of the monthly magazine, called Skyboxx and arriving on Aug. 3, is almost entirely devoted to Mr. James, whose Cavaliers uniform on the cover can be peeled away to reveal a Heat jersey underneath. The new magazine is also meant to attract female readers better than sports magazines usually do, by including significant amounts of style and lifestyle coverage. Women make up 23% of the Sports Illustrated audience, 21% of ESPN the Magazine’s audience and 17% of the Sporting News audience, according to the most recent round of GfK MRI research. (Ad Age)

LeBron James joining the Miami Heat has caught the attention of rappers like Fat Joe, Ice Cube and Lil Wayne.

“Oh Lebron! The recent move by the Miami Heat confirms that we will someday soon have that good ole basketball back with all due respect to the Lakers-Celtics 7 game series. This move reminds me of the days when it was Johnson, Worthy, and Jabbar vs.Bird, Parrish, and McHale, or Thomas, Dumars, andLambeer. Well now we have Bryant, Gasol, Bynum, and Pierce, Allen, Garnett, and ultimately, Wade, bosh, and James! Do expect this to become “protocol” to win an NBA title. As for many more teams have and will be stacking their rosters with stars. I believe that this Miami team will be explosive as intended. Anything less than an NBA championship title will be uncivilized. 72-10 anybody?” (Weezy Thanx You)

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