LeBron James Mom Arrested In Miami Beach, “She Slapped His Face”

LeBron James Mom Arrested In Miami Beach, “She Slapped His Face”

NBA superstar LeBron James‘ mother, Gloria, was reportedly arrested Thursday (April 7) morning for attacking a Miami Beach hotel valet employee.

Reports claim the arrest took place in the early morning hours.

Gloria James was arrested early Thursday morning by Miami Beach police after she reportedly assaulted a hotel valet worker. Police said that several witnesses supported the account of the valet, Sorel Rockefeller, who claimed that James assaulted him because it was taking too long to have her car delivered. Police said that when they arrived at the Fontainebleau Hotel at 4:47 a.m., James had a strong odor of alcohol on her breath and her eyes were bloodshot. She was taken to Miami Beach police headquarters and issued a Promise to Appear on charges of simple battery and disorderly conduct. (New York Daily News)

An inside source has also provided firsthand details on what occurred.

“When Gloria went to get in her car, she said she couldn’t find her keys which she was told were in the car,” the source tells PEOPLE. “She got angry quickly and swung her bag at the valet person who brought the car.” But her aim was off, and Gloria missed the valet with her bag, the source says, so she slapped his face a minute later. That’s when, the source says, the police were called, and Gloria was taken into custody early Thursday morning. (PEOPLE)

The Miami Beach Police Department also released a statement confirming the incident.

According to a release from the Miami Beach Police Department, “Mr. Sorel Rockfeller, a hotel valet worker, claimed he was assaulted by Ms. James, who was angered because her car was taking too long to be delivered. Several witnesses supported Mr. Rockfeller’s account of what occurred.” The statement continued, “Both Ms. James and the driver of the vehicle were initially uncooperative with the investigating officer. Ms. James was apparently intoxicated as she had bloodshot eyes and a strong odor of alcohol on her breath.” (Chicago Tribune)

James’ superstar son has also come forward to share his reaction.

It is not James’ first run-in with the law. In Jan. 2006, she was arrested in Akron, Ohio for driving while intoxicated and disorderly conduct, the station reports. “You have to move forward,” LeBron James told WFOR Thursday after the latest incident. “It is my life and there’s certain things you have to deal with. You try not to let it be a distraction. I have a job to do still.” (CBS News)

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