LeBron James Co-Signs Drake, Says “He’s An Unbelievable Artist”

LeBron James Co-Signs Drake, Says “He’s An Unbelievable Artist”

NBA superstar LeBron James has co-signed Drake‘s recent rise in hip-hop and called the emcee’s overall talent “unbelievable.”

LeBron believes Drizzy made an impact on the music game with his mixtapes.

“Unbelievable recording artist,” LeBron said of Drake. “Unbelievable talent. I’m looking forward [to] his first LP. I think we all got So Far Gone and all the mixtapes he’s come out with. But he’s an unbelievable talent. He’s great for everybody, great for music.” (MTV)

NBA legend Magic Johnson also shared his appreciation of Drake’s contributions to hip-hop.

“Drake is bringing a lot to the table, man, with a young audience,” Magic said in an interview. “He’s from Toronto. I think he’s bringing it hard and heavy, you know? My daughter said I was cool because I was coaching with him instead of him coaching with me. All right, thank you!” (MTV)

Drake and LeBron were initially scheduled to judge the NBA All-Star Weekend amateur dunk contest earlier this month.

With the NBA All-Star game getting under way this weekend in Dallas, Drake and LeBron James are set to judge the amateur Sprite Slam Dunk contest. The event takes place this Friday at 9:00 p.m. and will also feature a performance by Drizzy. (Rap Radar)

James previously spoke on having Drake record the hit “Forever” collaboration track for his recent documentary, More Than A Game.

“I got some good friends that manage Drake, Ye and Wayne,” James said during a press conference. “So through a mutual friend — we thought it would be great if they could do a song for us for the soundtrack…Jimmy Iovine from Interscope of course had a huge part, Polow Da Don did a lot of things for the soundtrack. The soundtrack is great, I’m looking forward to it also being an intricate part of the whole movie and everything.” (Press Conference)

Check out a recent Drake performance below:

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