Late Music Icon Fuels Future’s Energy To Win: “It’s Like I Feel At Home” [Video]

Late Music Icon Fuels Future’s Energy To Win: “It’s Like I Feel At Home” [Video]

Atlanta rapper Future recently talked about his music-making habits and revealed what late British singer’s presence has most likely inspired a slew of new records.

According to the hitmaker, late Grammy-winning crooner Amy Winehouse‘s old recording studio has made a deep mark on his life.

“When I walked into the studio, I just caught a crazy vibe in the studio to feel like I can just make spectacular music, some more incredible tunes to add onto the catalogue. Then I found out the history […] I recorded like 3 or 4 songs and I was like ‘What it is about this studio that I love, why do I keep recording?’ I’m recording back to back, I’m knocking songs out within 30 minutes, and I keep recording and recording. Probably 5-10 joints in this room already and I haven’t been here nothing but 2 or 3 days. It’s like I feel at home. Then they was like ‘Amy Winehouse used to record in the same room you recording in.'” (“Tim Westwood TV”)

A few weeks back, Future revealed he initially packed his sophomore effort with somber-sounding tunes.

“The album that you gonna get when it comes out is not the album I was working on when I first started recording. It was another kind of album. It was more… I guess I was just expressing myself about everyday life and where I was at then–just emotionally, personally. The beats were slower, had more guitar riffs, just playing around with the piano more and with different instruments.” (ELLE)

Future credited the creation of one particular track for completely changing up his new album’s content.

“I started going in another direction after I made the “Sh*t” record. It just flipped the whole album. I got in a whole other mood when I went in the studio. I just started recording, recording, recording as much as possible. I just got in a great zone. I was able to capture the best moments. It helped me make a classic album. It’s just going to be very timeless.” (ELLE)

The hip-hop crooner is expected to preview his upcoming LP to attendees next week at the annual South By Southwest music festival.

South by Southwest has once again updated the lineup of artists playing its music fest from March 11th to March 16th. Among the more notable additions, Kurt Vile will play a set of the sublime and lulling brand of downer rock that made his 2013 album Wakin on a Pretty Daze one of the year’s best, while rising rapper Future might offer a larger preview of his forthcoming LP Honest beyond the track “Move That Dope.” (Rolling Stone)

Check out Future’s interview:

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