Lana Del Rey Comes Clean On Rejecting Kanye West’s Proposal

Lana Del Rey Comes Clean On Rejecting Kanye West’s Proposal

Music star Lana Del Rey has spoken out in light of reports which suggest she gave hip-hop heavyweight Kanye West the cold shoulder when asked to perform at his marriage proposal last week.

According to Lana, there is absolutely no truth to turning Ye down to take part in the memorable evening.

Lana Del Ray NEVER told Kanye West she wouldn’t perform during his proposal to Kim Kardashian … but it does sounds like she said no to someone else. Lana was heading into the Sunset Marquis in Hollywood last night when we asked about reports saying she turned Yeezy down. L.D.R. quickly shot the rumors down saying, “I would never deny HIS request” … but wouldn’t say much more. Conspiracy theory #1 — Lana was offended Kanye didn’t personally reach out. Conspiracy theory #2 — Momager Kris Jenner reached out to make it part of the TV show … and Lana wasn’t having it. (TMZ)

Recent reports have suggested Del Rey was specifically sought out by Mr. West.

Kardashian is apparently a huge fan of Lana’s and is obsessed with her song “Young & Beautiful” from The Great Gatsby soundtrack. Yeezus “asked Lana to perform for Kim at surprise marriage proposal in San Francisco,” a source told Radar exclusively. “Lana politely declined, and didn’t give any reason for not being able to perform. It was a very firm no from Lana and her camp. Kanye did try to push it, but didn’t get anywhere. Kanye decided to hire an orchestra to perform the song for Kim, and he was much happier with how it turned out,” the source said. (RadarOnline)

Coincidentally, Kanye claimed he tried to snag Lana for last week’s marriage proposal in California.

As it turns out, West actually admitted during his interview with Power 106 that he attempted to get the 27-year-old singer to fly out to San Francisco for his proposal, but couldn’t convince her. It remains unclear if the rest of West’s over-the-top proposal would have been different had the singer accepted the gig, as the orchestra followed up “Young & Beautiful,” with the rapper’s own hit, “Knock You Down,” featuring Keri Hilson and Ne-Yo. Not that it would have been any less nerve-wracking for West. (Huffington Post)

Despite having a few notable high-profile girlfriends in the past, Kanye pointed out why he connected with Kim K more than any other previous lover last week.

“I have never loved any girl other than my mother as much as I love my girlfriend and I’m so happy to be with her, for us to live this life together. And with our relationship with God to be able to live forever in heaven together, too. And also to raise a family, a strong family,” Kanye explained in an interview. “She’s been spending her whole check on clothes since she was 16, just like me. And that’s the reason why both of us are the most influential — I think me and my girl are extremely influential greatly due to the paparazzi.” (106 KMEL)

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