Lakers Win NBA Championship, Rappers Share Mixed Reactions

Lakers Win NBA Championship, Rappers Share Mixed Reactions

The Los Angeles Lakers have won the NBA Finals and have caused a stir of reactions from rappers including Soulja Boy, Chamillionaire, B-Real and more over their accomplishment.

Los Angeles native B-Real was the first amongst others to congratulate his hometeam for beating the Orlando Magic.

“La lakers NBA champs!!!,” he wrote via Twitter. “Once again!! Kobe can make a song called ‘tell me how my b*lls taste’ hahaha.” (B-Real’s Twitter)

Texas-based rapper Chamillionaire also showed his support for the Lakers.

“I know yall Kobe haters that was threatening to kill me are sick right now,” he wrote via Twitter. “Just try not to cry when you look at that screen…Lakers > Your Hate! I would love to stay and deflect your hate some more but the pool has reached 102 degrees. Perfect for a winner!” (Chamillionaire’s Twitter)

New York-bred emcee Lil Cease shared his initial upset at the series’ score.

“This sh*t is f*ck up yo,” he wrote via Twitter. “I can’t even twit to this sh*t…congrads all u lakers fans…I can’t even cal him toby nomore!!!…I always liked kobe…didn’t really care too much for the lakers..but it was team effort 2day..Thus sh*t is sad yo..respect to the fakers tho!! I mean lakers!! lol motherf*ckers!!!!!” (Lil Ceases’s Twitter)

Soulja Boy, while remaining brief, also expressed his reaction to the Magic’s season-ending loss.

“Man f*ck Magic,” he wrote via Twitter. “they just wanted to take Lebron out!” (Soulja Boy’s Twitter)

Former Los Angeles Laker Shaquille O’Neal paid respect to his ex-teammate.

“Congratulations kobe, u deserve it,” he wrote via Twitter unmodified. “You played great. Enjoy it my man enjoy it. And I know yur sayin rt now ‘Shaq how my a** taste.’ (Shaquille O’Neal’s Twitter)

Having also received pre-victory support from Lil Wayne‘s “Kobe Bryant” tribue song and Jay-Z‘s wishes for Kobe to win it all, the Lakers beat the Magic in Orlando Sunday (June 14) night.

Congratulations to the Los Angeles Lakers, who earned their first NBA championship in seven years and 15th overall with a 99-86 win over the Orlando Magic on Sunday night. In the end, Los Angeles’ defense was just as up to the task as Los Angeles’ vaunted offense. The team circled the wagons after Orlando busted out with a 28-point first quarter. Orlando’s screen-and-roll attack was barely a factor, as the Lakers’ spacing and efficient perimeter shooting on the other end made this a one-sided game by halftime. (Yahoo Sports)

Check out a preview of both the Magic and Lakers highlights in the play-offs:

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