Lady Luck Says Let Lil Kim/Nicki Minaj Duke It Out, “She’s Out There Knocking Walls Down”

Lady Luck Says Let Lil Kim/Nicki Minaj Duke It Out, “She’s Out There Knocking Walls Down”

As the buzz over Lil Kim‘s new anti-Nicki Minaj Black Friday mixtape continues to escalate, SOHH recently spoke with female battle emcee Lady Luck for her stance on their war of words.

From Lady’s perspective, hip-hop fans are too critical when it comes to rap battles.

“See, it’d be dope if everybody else still had the spirit of hip-hop in them,” Luck explained to SOHH. “But everybody’s a judge now. Everybody is a critic now. The females can’t even have a little competition between one another without somebody saying this one’s hating or that one’s jealous without stuff going on. I definitely feel like it’s competitive and I feel like people need to pay more homage to Kim. People need to show Kim love and at the same time, give Nicki respect because she’s out there knocking walls down.” (SOHH)

When asked who would win in a battle, Luck told SOHH she believes Kim currently has the upper hand.

“You see, battle rapping breaks my heart,” Luck added. “And I’m gonna tell you why. As far as battle rapping is concerned, I look at it on lyrics. Lyricism. How would you put your words together mentally? How did you think about it? I look for all that. And I’m heavy on the battle rapping scene. I go to all the battles and sometimes I see people who win who shouldn’t have won, but they did because they were more entertaining. [In terms of] the other person, if you people open up your minds, and listen to what he said, ah man. He ran circles around [the winner]! It all depends on the writer that day and what will happen because if you compare the records they’ve had so far, and you’re basing it off that, I’d say Kim won because Kim done had harder verses. Nicki has more hit record verses but I think Kim’s got it when you compare them.” (SOHH)

Southern lady lyricist Shawnna recently weighed in on the never-ending between Kim and Minaj.

“I hate that, I hate that and I’m glad you asked me that because I feel what Kim did was iconic in a certain sense,” Shawnna told DJ Vlad when asked about her reaction to the feud. “She came, she brought that feminism, that diva to it but it was still hardcore. She had a following, she could hold her weight on records with some of the big dogs and she did that. She took us to that level. And now that Nicki’s out — a lot of times it be a lot of people trying to get on, it’s not necessarily a beef — so I don’t really think it’s a situation where Nicki stole anything from Kim because honestly, after I’m done with this, I want females to take from me. Take from what I did and add it to what they do and make it better because that shows what I contributed to the game was so worth it. It lives my legacy on. And I wish they would have looked at it like that rather than make it a beef situation.” (Vlad TV)

Last December, rapper Trina, said Kim and Minaj should consider uniting.

“I don’t think it’s good for hip-hop,” Trina said in an interview with reporter Peter Bailey. “I think hip-hop, especially when it comes to women, needs to unify. I think there needs to be a bridge that’s built together because you have so many new and upcoming artists that’s trying to actually get in the hip-hop genre and be a part of it and I think they get drowned in the midst of it. I think we’re all adults, we’re all grown and we need to handle our business like women. Just continue to do what we’re here to do and that’s make music and just be great people.” (NiteCap)

Check out Shawnna speaking on Lil Kim/Nicki Minaj below:

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