L.A. Reid Negotiating W/ Jay-Z For “Blueprint 3,” “We’re Hoping We Can Figure It Out”

L.A. Reid Negotiating W/ Jay-Z For “Blueprint 3,” “We’re Hoping We Can Figure It Out”

Island Def Jam chairman Antonio “L.A.” Reid revealed his thoughts on Jay-Z‘s forthcoming album The Blueprint 3  which he says it will help him see “that hip-hop has the legs.”

The music industry veteran also addressed whether or not the album will be released via Jay’s Live Nation deal or Def Jam.

“We still have an arrangement with Jay-Z,” he said in an interview. “We’re hoping we could figure it out. If we can’t figure it out, it won’t lessen my interest in his record and in his career…To me, the Blueprint 3 is an important album, however it comes out. If it comes out in a cereal box, it doesn’t matter to me. As long as it’s one of the great records of our time…I wanna know that artists like Jay-Z and business people like Jay-Z can have a 40-year career…I wanna know that hip-hop has the legs, and it wasn’t a trend in music. It wasn’t something that can come and go, but it will stick around and last.” (MTV News)

Kanye West will reportedly be on board to compose a majority of the album’s production.

“I’m constantly making music,” Ye said in a teleconfernce last November. “We almost finished with Jay’s album. We almost finished before I even dropped my album. Jay album is coming.” (SOHH)

Throughout the fall, Ye was reportedly chosen over Timbaland to lead the album’s overall sound.

Kanye will indeed be producing most, if not all, of the album. Remember back in the day when an artist would do a whole album with one producer for cohesiveness? Think classic Snoop or Jeru with Primo… and fast forward it to 2008. Jay will be leaking the finished version of “Jockin” as soon as he adds a new 3rd verse to the song. (The Press Play Show)

Jay’s Blueprint 3 will follow-up 2007’s platinum-selling American Gangster.

Jay-Z announced he was coming out of retirement for good in 2006. He made it official when Kingdom Come hit the shelves later that year. Less than a year later, Jay-Z returned with another post-retirement album, American Gangster (2007), this one inspired by the concurrentfilm of the same name. (All Music)

As of today, Jay has yet to announce an official release date.

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