Kurupt Warns Of Dr. Dre’s Return, “Never Play With The Doctor” [Video]

Kurupt Warns Of Dr. Dre’s Return, “Never Play With The Doctor” [Video]

West Coast rap veteran Kurupt recently weighed in on Dr. Dre‘s upcoming Detox album and warned emcees of the long-awaited LP’s inevitable impact.

Kurupt believes his former Death Row Records labelmate’s album will change hip-hop.

“I think it’s going to do the same thing the [Chronic 2001] did, it’s going to change the game,” Kurupt said in an interview referring to Detox. “The one thing you don’t play with when it comes to this [rap] game is the doctor. Point blank. Never play with the doctor. The doctor is finna drop something people ain’t gonna be able to understand, you understand me? Because he plays no games. He’s a stickler. He’s a stickler for perfection.” (Full Fledge Entertainment)

Last week, Dre released the album’s first music video, “Kush.”

Interscope released the accompanying video to Dr. Dre’s latest single, “Kush,” today (Dec. 10) and the clip finds the Doc, alongside featured guests Akon and Snoop Dogg, getting the party started with the flick of a lighter. In the video, Dre, Snoop and Akon are at a nightclub with party-goers that are frozen in place. That is until Dr. Dre takes his lighter to one of the indoor sprinklers and the water wakes the entire crowd up. The best part of the clip? When Dre and Snoop are walking side-by-side down a corridor. Ah, the good ol’ days. (Billboard)

Snoop Dogg recently discussed Dre selecting him for the premiere Detox record.

Snoop didn’t hesitate when his mentor asked him to be part of the song. “Dr. Dre, that’s my big homeboy, that’s my big brother,” he said. “He gave me my start, so whenever he calls me to come through and do what I need to, I’m there for him. Akon’s part of the family too so this is what we do, we just make great music.” (Rap-Up)

Dre’s “I Need A Doctor” producer Alex Da Kid recently talked to SOHH about the album’s delay.

“I think a lot of what makes Dr. Dre’s Detox [release so anticipated] is because he’s such a unique producer,” Alex told SOHH. “He doesn’t do things just because he feels like he has to do them. He’s at a point in his career where he can do whatever feels good for him and if he wants to spend 11 years on an album, he can do that…He’s definitely a professor and master at what he does, so I think it’ll definitely live up to the hype. It’s going to mean so much to hip-hop just to get another Dre album, it’s something that we all need. It’s a good reference for where hip-hop is right now. There’s no better person who can tell that story than Dre and that’s a good thing.” (SOHH)

Check out the “Kush” music video down below:

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