Kurtis Blow Slams Drug Bust Reports, “TMZ Is Bugging”

Kurtis Blow Slams Drug Bust Reports, “TMZ Is Bugging”

Hip-Hop pioneer Kurtis Blow has stepped forward to address speculation claiming he was arrested today on drug possession charges in California.

Hitting up Twitter, Blow denied reports of being arrested for marijuana.

“What is this I hear bout me being busted for weed at the airport? Not true. Isn’t weed legal in California? Tmz is bugging.,” Blow tweeted Thursday (December 2).

“I got about 500 new followers today. I wonder why lol” (Kurtis Blow’s Twitter)

Reports of Blow’s alleged drug bust hit the Internet Thursday afternoon.

TMZ has learned … legendary rapper Kurtis Blow was busted at LAX this morning after a TSA body scanner detected an item in his pocket … a stash of weed. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … the body scan detected “an anomaly’ in his pants — yes, we thought that was funny as well. A subsequent pat down revealed pot in his pocket. Kurtis received a ticket — standard operating procedure when it’s under an ounce — and went on his merry way. These are the breaks … next time Mr. Blow, try the pat down. (TMZ)

Confirmation from a Los Angeles airport source has also been made.

A spokesman for the L.A. airport police tells E! News that Blow (real name Kurtis Walker Combs) submitted to a TSA security screening at approximately 5:45 a.m. and underwent a body scan that discovered an, um, anomaly. TSA agents subsequently administered a pat-down and turned up a baggie of the green stuff. As is typical in these cases, since the amount found was less than an ounce (28.5 grams to be exact), authorities confiscated the pot (wonder who’s taking that home?) and issued the hip-hopster a misdemeanor citation. (E! News)

Blow is renowned for being a hip-hop pioneer with over 40 years of history to his name.

Since kicking off his career in the ’70s, Blow has been lauded as a hip-hop pioneer, with a slew of firsts under his belt. He is credited with becoming the first rapper to release a major-label album, and his signature 1980 single, “The Breaks,” became the first hip-hop song to be certified gold. He is also credited as the first to head out on a national and international hip-hop tour while the culture was still in its infancy as a mainstream force. While hip-hop artists hawk everything from sneakers to beer these days, Blow was the first rapper to sign an endorsement deal. (MTV)

Check out some throwback footage of Kurtis Blow below:

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