Kreayshawn’s Emotional Anti-Based God Video Leaks, “For Lil B To Just Ignore Me In My Face?” [Video]

Kreayshawn’s Emotional Anti-Based God Video Leaks, “For Lil B To Just Ignore Me In My Face?” [Video]

West Coast rapper Kreayshawn is the topic of discussion this week as a pre-recorded video has emerged online showing the “Gucci Gucci” hitmaker calling out fellow California hip-hop artist Lil B.

Although the footage is from her pre-fame days last April, the clip has now hit the Internet showing an emotional Kreay questioning Lil B’s actions against her.

“I don’t feel like I’ve been treated nicely,” Kreay says in the video. “I’ve been shot down, I’ve been ignored, I’ve even had people I’ve done free music videos for tell other people not to work with me. You know, I’m at the club and I’m filming at the club and a guy walks up to me and goes, ‘Oh, you know woo-woo-woo?’ I could say his name ’cause I don’t give a f*ck — he’s like, ‘He’s been running around telling people not to work with you.’ … I don’t talk sh*t about anybody. So when I hear sh*t like this, this sh*t just makes me really mad … and for Lil B to just ignore me in my face? Come on, I did your face Based music videos. I really supported him — I feel like I’ve gone out of my way to help people and trying to get all my sisters on, and just sh*t like that. I feel like I’ve been working harder for other people than for myself and I feel like it shouldn’t be like that.” (Diverse LA)

Last June, Lil B spoke on Kreayshawn sparking mainstream attention with her “Gucci Gucci” hit.

Lil B took time to speak to’s The Juice on Kreayshawn and her success. “When you’re an artist you get what you deserve,” Lil B says. “I’m happy that she’s working for her dreams and following the world I have created. She’s definitely talented and we will see what’s in store for the future. But it’s all about Lil B and the Based God.” (Billboard)

Outside of Lil B, the rapper recently talked about her forthcoming untitled solo debut.

“I’m excited because I haven’t even put my album out. I’m hoping when I put it out it will be an even crazier year,” she said in an interview. “I toured for three or four months, and then I did hella press. It’s only this month that I’ve been able to get into the studio. … I have more songs. When I make them, I want to put them out, but I have to put them on the album. It’s finally getting to a number of songs where it’s going to be enough to make an album. I want to get them out because I want to shut everyone up. … I know who I am. I don’t let that stuff bother me. I know it’s going to be cool.” (SF Gate)

Last week, Kreay revealed rap partner V-Nasty would appear on her upcoming LP.

Kreayshawn said that the still-unnamed album will cover more stylistic ground than her stripped-down, wobbling mega-hit “Gucci Gucci.” “A lot of it is like different genres and forces, from Brazilian-type music to Indian freestyle to techno-type music,” she said. “There’s everything.” For the last month or so, Kreayshawn has been splitting her time between studios in L.A. and Oakland. Fellow White Girl Mob member Vanessa “V-Nasty” Reece will appear on a couple of tracks, though she was coy about any other collaborations she has planned. “I don’t want to spoil anything,” she said. (Rolling Stone)

Check out Kreayshawn speaking on Lil B below:

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