Kreayshawn Gets Punk’d Up W/ Kid Cudi: “He Came In & Said, ‘I’m Really Into This Punk Stuff'”

Kreayshawn Gets Punk’d Up W/ Kid Cudi: “He Came In & Said, ‘I’m Really Into This Punk Stuff'”

Less than a month away from her long-awaited Somethin’ ‘Bout Kreay album dropping, West Coast rap newcomer Kreayshawn recently discussed going the road less traveled for her debut’s sound.

Along with discussing her debut’s vibe, she also narrowed in on teaming up with G.O.O.D. Music’s Kid Cudi for a punk-inspired collaboration.

“My main goal was to have every song inspired by a different genre of music, so every song sounds incredibly different,” Kreay said in an interview. “They all sound drastically different and I think the album’s gonna reflect that. It’s like a musical adventure I guess — it’s just me showing my music knowledge and having fun. Since every song sounds so vastly different, the features are gonna be everywhere — with Cudi, we didn’t really plan [to make a song], he came in and said, ‘Oh I’m really into this punk stuff’ and I was like, ‘My mom was in a punk band! … The song that me and Cudi did is really punk-inspired. But he does gas that track though. Every time it comes on I know his whole verse by heart.” (MTV)

Initially slated to drop this month, Kreay’s new LP recently got pushed back to mid-September.

In anticipation of her upcoming debut album Somethin ‘Bout Kreay to be released September 18, 2012, Kreayshawn unveils the official album cover artwork. The graphic design of the album artwork, which expertly mixes imaginative photographs of Kreayshawn with colorful illustrations, shows Kreayshawn being pulled into an alternate spacey, fantasy world. “I wanted an album cover that would really help to represent me and who I am,” notes Kreayshawn, explaining how she came up with the design ideas. “Something that, when people first see it, they’ll say, ‘Only Kreayshawn could think of a cover like that.'” (Columbia Records Press Release)

Midwest rapper Riff Raff recently said the 22 year-old’s new album could potentially go platinum.

“A lot of people, I think, ’cause she did that one song all the way last year, so I think a lot of people are thinking she’s a one-hit wonder or something like that. That’s not the case. I’ve heard a lot of new sh*t, her new music, and it’s excellent. I think when it drops, it’s going to sell more than anticipated. I think she’ll go platinum. … People are anticipating her album. When it comes out, I’m going to go buy it.” (FUSE TV)

New York veteran producer Dame Grease recently gave SOHH his thoughts on Kreay.

“I’m working with Kreayshawn,” Dame told SOHH. “Whatever’s got that wave to it, I’m working on it. She’s dope. You’ve got to understand, for me, I look at every artist for who they are. I don’t look at an artist and say, ‘I like him.’ Nah, I look at every artist for exactly who they are. Any artist I’ve named with you, they’re originally themselves. That’s who I like working with, I like working with people who are themselves. If you’re a dude who wears a big yellow hat all the time, like that’s your sh*t, we gonna find a way to make that work. But it’s got to be your sh*t. I like artists that’s original, that’s got their own swag, got their own brand, their own sh*t with them. I can’t work with someone who sounds like somebody else.” (SOHH)

Check out a recent Kreayshawn interview below:

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