Kreayshawn Gets Played, Admits Being Catfished [Video]

Kreayshawn Gets Played, Admits Being Catfished [Video]

West Coast rapper Kreayshawn has revealed becoming the victim of an online hoax where someone allegedly pretended to be popular music producer Diplo. #catfished

According to reports, Kreay was a catfish victim dating back a few years ago.

In a vlog she recently posted, she talks about the moment when she felt like she could make music for a living, when Mad Decent, Diplo’s taste-making label, posted one of her videos back around 2009. Around the time she got an email from Diplo, or someone who she presumed was him, who she began an email correspondence with for years. The account would send her nudes she said. “Oh sh*t, there’s Diplo’s d*ck pic.” She reached out to him recently on Twitter saying, ha ha remember when you sent me a dick pic? That’s not mine, he said, pointing out that he has a tattoo that doesn’t show up in the picture. (Bullett Media)

Despite some awkward requests, Kreay used the messages as motivation.

“These emails really inspired me,” she said. Although half of them were begging her for a sex tape, the other half were encouraging messages about working hard and keeping at it. If Diplo believes in me, she thought, then I should believe in me. The real Diplo would end up producing on her album. “At the end of the day, whoever this troll was ended up inspiring my entire career kind of.” (Bullett Media)

Earlier this year, Kreay revealed how much she banked from her Somethin’ ‘Bout Kreay debut album.

According to Kreayshawn, she only earned $0.01 from her debut album’s sales. The rapper, representing Oakland, took to Twitter to make light of her incredibly low earnings, sharing a picture of her PayPal account. Kreayshawn garnered major attention in 2011 with her overnight smash hit “Gucci Gucci,” which lead on to a major label deal with Columbia. Unfortunately for her, the album debuted at No. 112 on the Billboard 200 in its first week of release, making it the all-time lowest first week sales by an artist signed to a major record label, this according to HitsDailyDouble. (XXL Mag)

The rapper’s former White Girl Mob member Lil Debbie previously told SOHH she thought Kreay experimented too much on her debut.

“I’m going to keep it real. I really wasn’t surprised,” Deb told SOHH when asked for her reaction on Kreayshawn’s Somethin’ ‘Bout Kreay‘s first-week sales. “I really wasn’t surprised. I think that what had happened was she came out with ‘Gucci Gucci’ and people really liked ‘Gucci Gucci’ and then I think she put out an album and she put too much random sh*t on the album. People couldn’t really tell who she was. I think it was just too different. You’re going to put out ‘Gucci Gucci’ and that’s great, and someone else is going to write it for you and it’s great, that’s how the music industry is but if you’re going to do that and do an album, then do it with the same person that did that ‘Gucci Gucci’ song for you. Or do an album that’s going to relate to the ‘Gucci Gucci’ song. I think she put ‘Gucci Gucci’ out and she sat around too long.” (SOHH)


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