Kreayshawn Fires More Shots At Rick Ross, “I Bet You $5 He Can’t Find His D*ck” [Video]

Kreayshawn Fires More Shots At Rick Ross, “I Bet You $5 He Can’t Find His D*ck” [Video]

West Coast rap newcomer Kreayshawn appears to have faked fans out last week after denying a freestyle diss toward Rick Ross was intentional by now clowning the “Boss” during a Ustream broadcast.

Sitting around her friends, Kreay wasted no time revealing her true feelings toward Ricky Rozay.

“I really wanted to say, wait no, what I really wanted to say is Rick Ross ‘is’ fake,” Kreayshawn said during a Ustream with friends. “I bet you five dollars Rick Ross can’t find his d*ck. Like he gave up [looking]. I would [stay with my shirt off] too. He probably hot. He’ll be like, ‘Shut up Kreayshawn, I got bigger t*tties than you. Ugh! My left t*tty weigh more than your thigh.'” (Ustream)

During the broadcast, her friends also made fun of Ricky Rozay.

For everyone who thought Kreayshawn made a harmless mistake, and was just trying to rhyme with the word boss, you’ve got it all wrong. Kreayshawn revealed on Ustream, that she really wanted to say, “Rick Ross is fake!” Kreayshawn and her friends talk about Rick Ross’ “t*tties,” what they think he sounds like while having sex, and him going shirtless all the time. (Global Grind)

Last week, the rapper denied having a beef toward Ross.

“I feel like with anything, you’re painting a picture. I’ve never, ever intentionally dissed anybody my whole career, and I don’t do that personally with friends either,” the Bay Area rapper said. “I’m not like a person to go against anyone or anything. So hey, no offense to you Rick Ross. There’s no Rick Ross offensive things going on in there, even though it sounds like it.” (MTV)

In her freestyle, Kreayshawn takes a direct shot at Ross’ past career as a corrections officer.

“I’m about to grab a knife, you tryin’ to play me like a boss/But you faker than Rick Ross/I’ll f*cking cut your d*ck off/Like Lorena Bobbit/Yeah, I’m Kreayshawn, and you can’t stop it.” (“Cosmic Kev”)

Check out Kreayshawn’s Ustream broadcast below:

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