Kreayshawn Dumps Rick Ross Beef: “People Might Think I’m Dissing People, But I’m Not”

Kreayshawn Dumps Rick Ross Beef: “People Might Think I’m Dissing People, But I’m Not”

West Coast rap newcomer Kreayshawn is focused on spreading love and new vibes onto her upcoming new Somethin’ ‘Bout Kreay solo album rather than focus on past beefs with former affiliates and Rick Ross.

According to Kreay, the freshly-made LP will hit a variety of topics and new ideas straight from the Bay.

“The subjects fly around from nonsense to making too much sense and people might think I’m dissing people, but I’m not dissing anyone,” she said. “It’s just … when I was in the head space of making the album I didn’t wanna make an album that’s like, ‘This is me proving to everyone that I’m actually the best.’ This is just me proving that I’m myself. This is the music that I like, and I’m gonna replicate the music that I like and put my own spin on it and put a little Bay Area in it.” (MTV)

Last winter, the rapper admitted viral jokes could get her into deep trouble.

She’s also feuded with Rick Ross. The experience, she said, taught her a lot about how to interact with others in the music industry. “I could be talking to my friend, and the next thing you know the conversation ends up on the Internet,” she said. “It sucks, because things get blown out of proportion so quick. It’s all about maturing. I’m not doing anything but being more mature and taking note of what I’m doing.” This time next year, she says she wants to have an album out, a couple of mixtapes in the works and maybe even a TV show. “I’m an artist, so I’m all crucial about my sh*t,” she said. (Rolling Stone)

In October, she said fame ultimately fueled the dispute between her and Ricky Rozay.

“I definitely learned a good lesson on, you know, ’cause what I said about him wasn’t like, I don’t have any problem with him, you know what I’m saying,” Kreay said in an interview. “I’ve listened to his music. He’s Rick Ross, he’s a boss. You know what I’m saying? I never had a problem with him, it’s just me goofing off with my friends and taking it too far. And if I was nobody, it wouldn’t have even mattered but now that I have the star power — it’s a big deal. It’s definitely taught me to watch what I’m saying at certain times. Especially saying stuff that you don’t really mean, joking off with your friends. Every day is a learning process and everything happens really fast. So it’s definitely quick learning.” (Soul Culture UK)

Midwest rapper Riff Raff recently said the 22 year-old’s new album could potentially go platinum.

“A lot of people, I think, ’cause she did that one song all the way last year, so I think a lot of people are thinking she’s a one-hit wonder or something like that. That’s not the case. I’ve heard a lot of new sh*t, her new music, and it’s excellent. I think when it drops, it’s going to sell more than anticipated. I think she’ll go platinum. … People are anticipating her album. When it comes out, I’m going to go buy it.” (FUSE TV)

Check out a past Kreayshawn interview below:

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