Kreayshawn Cashes Out Azealia Banks’ Apology: “All The Beef Tears Our Fans Apart”

Kreayshawn Cashes Out Azealia Banks’ Apology: “All The Beef Tears Our Fans Apart”

West Coast rap newcomer Kreayshawn recently discussed Azealia Banks apologizing over previously firing viral disses at her and said she is for female unity over beef any day of the week.

According to Kreay, the recent apology came after she attended one of Banks’ Los Angeles performances.

“I went to her Mermaid Ball show in LA because a lot of my homegirls were performing,” Kreayshawn said. “She ended up hitting me up a couple of weeks after and said, ‘I really wanna publicly apologize,’ and I [thought that was] really dope. … I think it’s cool because there’s so many girls looking up to everyone that all the beef tears our fans apart. People feel like, ‘I have to be this person’s fan and hate on this person.’ So I think it shows that you can forgive people, you can apologize to people, you can realize you’re wrong and it shows camaraderie for all girls. It’s for girl power.” (MTV)

Reports of their rekindling hit the Internet in early August.

Then, all of a sudden on Sunday, it was as if Banks had a change of heart and tweeted the following. “@KREAYSHAWN I apologize for coming down on you so hard earlier this year. I missunderstood that pornhub rt. I can be really defensive sometimes. I’m just naturally rude. LMFAOO it’s a NY thing… I can’t help it.” Kreayshawn graciously accepted the apology by saying the following. “It’s all G! I fux with you[r] music above all! You have those fire barz gurlll!” Then, Banks suggested a collaboration between the two and even invited another friend along for the ride. “@KREAYSHAWN lets collab. Let’s throw @NativeRaeen in the mix there tooo,” Kreayshawn sealed the deal with, “I’m down!!! FIRE FUEGO!!” (Karen Civil)

Their feud reportedly stemmed from a Twitter re-tweet a few months back.

Banks sent out a public apology to Kreayshawn for her harsh words earlier this year. If you remember, Banks went off on Kreayshawn for retweeting Banks’ video from a PornHub link. Kreayshawn responded with a tweet, “Come on you mad because I retweeted your link? Because I like your music? Pffff get outta here! Not a fan anymore.” Banks decided to clear the air last night by saying she didn’t mean to come down on her too hard. She even hints at collaboration with Kreay and up-and-coming rapper Angel Haze. (Complex)

No longer focused on the Banks issue, Kreay is now readying her upcoming solo debut.

In anticipation of her upcoming debut album Somethin ‘Bout Kreay to be released September 18, 2012, Kreayshawn unveils the official album cover artwork. The graphic design of the album artwork, which expertly mixes imaginative photographs of Kreayshawn with colorful illustrations, shows Kreayshawn being pulled into an alternate spacey, fantasy world. “I wanted an album cover that would really help to represent me and who I am,” notes Kreayshawn, explaining how she came up with the design ideas. “Something that, when people first see it, they’ll say, ‘Only Kreayshawn could think of a cover like that.'” (Columbia Records Press Release)

Check out some recent Kreayshawn footage below:

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