Kool G Rap Speaks On What’s Beef [Video]

Kool G Rap Speaks On What’s Beef [Video]

Renowned hip-hop battle emcee Kool G Rap recently discussed the state of hip-hop and rising popularity of rap beefs.

From G Rap’s perspective, today’s typical rapper embroiled into beef has a different motivation than when he was coming up in the 1980’s.

“They glorify that,” Kool G said about rappers beefing and showing off jewelry in videos. “But, we glorify having jewelry and all that too back in the days. Everybody can remember Run-DMC with the big rope chains and all that. But at the same time, Run-DMC didn’t make their claim to fame promoting gold chains or a Mercedes-Benz. They made their claim to fame by making good music. And so would the other artists that would follow. Like a Rakim, a [Big Daddy] Kane, a G Rap and KRS-One. Our [main] focus focal point was to make good music and to stand out as one of the best lyricists, as one of the best artists, or as one of the best hip-hop groups of the times.” (Vlad TV)

Last fall, Kool G talked to SOHH about hip-hop beefs and battles.

“I think anything in hip-hop as far as battles should be kept in the music. It really shouldn’t go as far as [taking it to] the streets, and when it does start to go into the streets, it turns into an entirely different thing. That’s beef. That’s drama. And rhyming is rhyming. I think people should keep the two separated. If it’s about battle raps, it could be anywhere. Like any outlet for music or visual, we’re in such a technology state where you could go on a website like YouTube and just pull up a bunch of visual material and hip-hop music or whatever you want to put up on there is going to follow suit.” (SOHH Guest Star)

He also said battles should focus primarily on the music.

“I don’t really feel like battle raps should be left [strictly] on the radio or kept on records, but not on YouTube. I think when dudes start showing chains that they robbed from somebody then that’s when it gets out of hand. It’s stupid to me because you wind up incriminating yourself. That’s gossip sh*t. I’m really not into ‘who did what to who, and who’s doing what to them’, all of that is gossip sh*t. And even back in the day, I was never really with that when it was just gossip in the streets. I’m really not one to gossip, so I don’t follow it on YouTube, I don’t follow it on nobody’s website, like who is dissing who, I’m really not concerned with it.” (SOHH Guest Star)

Outside of rap battle etiquette, Kool G recently sat down with SOHH and discussed his relationship with rap star Rick Ross.

“As far as my relationship with Rick Ross, that just happened, that’s how it built,” Kool G told SOHH. “Both of our managers bumped heads and they got to talking about who they represent and it was a mutual level of respect on both sides. So when Ross’ people reached out to him about G Rap, I guess his eyes lit up and vice versa. It was supposed to expand further into a business venture, but, it didn’t materialize. So we did a couple collabos together.” (SOHH)

Check out Kool G Rap’s interview below:

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