Kool G Rap Names His Dream Team, “I Can’t Ignore The Fact That Boy Eminem Is Incredible”

Kool G Rap Names His Dream Team, “I Can’t Ignore The Fact That Boy Eminem Is Incredible”

In addition to today marking rap legend Kool G Rap‘s 43rd birthday, the music pioneer recently talked to SOHH about the lyricists he’d like to enlist in a hip-hop supergroup if granted the opportunity.

Sticking to proven rap greats, G. Rap said his collective would consist of himself, Nas, Jay-Z and Eminem.

“Let’s see, right now, G. Rap, Nas, Eminem,” Kool G told SOHH when asked who would be in his dream rap group. “I can’t ignore the fact that that boy Eminem is incredible. He’s lyrically incredible. Anybody that’s ever sat and fronted on this dude’s talent is like, come on, man. Stop playing me. I’m a [hip-hop] nemesis and even I can’t ignore the dude’s talent level. I would say my man Jay-Z. We’re talking lyricists right here. I’m talking real heavy weights. Not taking anything away from the cats out there because there are cats out there that are current that I like. I like T.I. and Rick Ross. But we’re talking super rap groups, so I gotta go with the heavy weight lyricists that are undeniable on anybody’s radar. I don’t care what era we’re in. You can’t take Nas being a lyricist beat away from him.” (SOHH)

Showing love for the newcomers, Kool G. Rap said Slaughterhouse’s Joell Ortiz has proven to be worthy of joining his dream team.

“Nas did so much in the earlier part of his career that it holds weight,” G. Rap added. “Nas and Jay-Z gotta definitely be in there. I think Eminem has shown and proved enough that he deserves a spot in the category of legendary lyricists including myself. If I had to snatch a new cat, it would have to be Joell Ortiz.” (SOHH)

Reality star rapper Persia recently named Joell Ortiz SOHH Underrated.

“Joell Ortiz is the most underrated rapper in my opinion. For one, I think the industry relies a lot on skin tone. I feel like they don’t give him enough of what he’s worth because he’s Spanish. That’s [the] first thing. I think he gets looked at as underrated because he’s too lyrical. Sometimes when you’re too lyrical, they don’t give you enough credit. Or else they give you so much credit that they forget about you.” (SOHH Underrated)

Outside of rap crews, Kool G recently shared his opinion on social networking.

“I can’t really get with it, you know…to me what people [are] doing is basically putting a camera in their house and giving to the public,’ Kool G explained in an interview. “I mean, I can’t do that, you know what I mean. It’s like, I got G. Rap, that’s for my fans, that’s for the public. Who I am behind closed doors and my family or myself is something that I keep for myself. That’s part of the old school of me I can’t let go…I got people that are constantly promoting on Twitter and Facebook…Once in a while I do my personal thing here and there, especially when it’s like people I’m shouting [out] that I have a relationship with, or there’s somewhat of an acquaintance.” (All Hip Hop)

Check out a recent Kool G. Rap interview below:

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