Kool G Rap Defends Ditching EP Game Plan For Mafioso Raps: “The Sh*t Just Adds Up”

Kool G Rap Defends Ditching EP Game Plan For Mafioso Raps: “The Sh*t Just Adds Up”

[After recently hooking up with fellow emcee Necro to release their joint Once Upon A Crime album, Kool G Rap talks to SOHH readers about why they decided to opt out of a mixtape and go directly with an album release.]

Ths whole project started off with us coming to the agreement to do an EP.

From there, it transcended into doing a full, complete album. Once a certain amount of songs got done and there was a certain amount of chemistry going on, it was evident that we had something for the masses, we decided to just go ahead and keep it moving and do a full LP.

As far as direction and all that, I would say the majority of the direction really came from Necro. Necro approached me about doing a project so he already had a vision. I’m sure he already had an idea of what he would want to do with a G Rap so from there, I let him lead the way. It was like his idea of a creation to begin with.

So I kind of let him lead the way with a majority of it and then I gave input here and there. Especially with certain things like going into the direction of doing certain songs that were more Mafioso type of rap.

We were feeding off each other. It was his idea to call the collaboration Godfathers, the collaboration of Necro and Kool G Rap, so it only made sense for me to feed off of that and want to step into the terrain of doing Mafioso types of songs.

It just flowed naturally. I don’t even think there was a lot of crazy deep though placed into it. It didn’t feel like there was a full, blown out blueprint or outline. It just flowed out naturally.

Necro just do what he do and I just do what I do and the sh*t just adds up.

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