Kool G Can’t Rap W/ Beanie Sigel, “I Couldn’t Get Beans On My Record In Time”

Kool G Can’t Rap W/ Beanie Sigel, “I Couldn’t Get Beans On My Record In Time”

With recent buzz stirring over Kool G Rap and Beanie Sigel joining forces for a collaboration, SOHH recently hit up the rap veteran to find out if we can expect Beans on his forthcoming Riches, Royalty & Respect album.

While originally slated to appear on a track titled “The Fix”, G Rap said he could not squeeze Beans on the record in time.

“I couldn’t get Beans on my record in time,” Kool G told SOHH. “People go through things in their personal life. If somebody makes a commitment but can’t really [maintain] it, I understand because things happen to them in their personal lives. Beanie Sigel, he is who he is. He’s a human being and has a personal life and all of that. The time just didn’t work out for me to do what I had to do and I didn’t want to lose momentum so I had to release the record as is without the blessing of Beans on it.” (SOHH)

Kool G eventually released “The Fix” on his Offer You Can’t Refuse EP last February.

1. The Fix (Prod. by DJ Pain) 2. Mugshots (Prod. by Pokerbeats) 3. America’s Nightmare ft. Havoc (Produced by Alchemist) 4. Take ‘Em Back (Supafly) (Prod. by Blastah Beats) 5. Baggin’ In Da Spot ft. Scar Child (Prod. by Leaf Dog) 6. Scarface Snow 7. Offer You Can’t Refuse (Prod. by Domingo) 8. Money Talks (Offer You Can’t Refuse)

Last December, Kool G hinted at the Sigel collaboration.

“The sh*t that I’m trying to get Beans on, it’s called ‘The Fix,'” G said in an interview. “‘The Fix’ meaning like n*ggas is craving for this and we gotta give ‘em this, baby. They goin’ cold turkey without us [in the game] right now. They getting stomach cramps and all that sh*t.” (Hip Hop DX)

Kool G previously talked to SOHH about what fans can anticipate from his new album.

“This [album] is G Rap in 2010 and basically this album is about G Rap being a little more expressive than I normally do on any of my projects,” G told SOHH. “So this is G Rap and pieces of G Rap and not every song is related to real life incidents, I was creative too, but this is the first album where you can find a trace of that. I got [producer] Supa Dave for a few tracks. Supa Dave did a good four or five tracks on the album. We did the collab thing on a good portion of the album.” (SOHH)

Riches, Royalty & Respect is set to drop Tuesday, May 17th.

Check out “The Fix” below:

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