Kobe Bryant Circles NBA Retirement Date: “There’s No Looking Back” [Video]

Kobe Bryant Circles NBA Retirement Date: “There’s No Looking Back” [Video]

Diehard Los Angeles Lakers fans should cherish every time Kobe Bryant laces up to play as the five-time NBA champion has revealed plans to throw in the towel sooner than later.

In the 34 year-old’s perspective, he has no more than two solid years left in him before retirement.

In a recent interview during the 2013 NBA All-Star Weekend, when asked how much time he has left in his professional basketball career, the Los Angeles Laker replied: “Probably two years max. Two years max. Next year might be it. It’s one of those things I think I’ll wake up and I’ll know. And if it’s it for me, that’s it, and there’s no looking back.” Bryant’s $30.5 million contract ends after next season. There’s always the option for a one-year deal, but considering he’s made bank from his endorsements with everyone from Adidas to Turkish Airlines through the years, Black Mamba might be be headed for that early retirement. (VIBE)

Last night, the Black Mamba played a significant role in the West taking down the East at the NBA’s All-Star Weekend game in Houston, Texas.

Kevin Durant scored 30 points, MVP Chris Paul had 20 points and 15 assists, and the Western Conference beat the East 143-138 on Sunday night in the NBA All-Star game. Blake Griffin finished with 19 points and Kobe Bryant blocked LeBron James twice in the final minutes, joining Paul to turn the West’s victory into something of an L.A. story. James scored 19 points but shot only 7 of 18 after having no shooting troubles during the latter part of the season’s first half. Carmelo Anthony led the East with 26 points and 12 rebounds. (WBIR)

Back in 2011, producer/rapper David Banner compared rap star Lil Wayne‘s work ethic to Bryant.

“Wayne is like Kobe Bryant right now,” Banner said in an interview. “You know, as Kobe gets older all he cares about is championships. Wayne is in that zone. He’s highly focused and very sharp right now.” (XXL Mag)

Leading up to the 2009 NBA Finals, Lil Wayne released his “Kobe Bryant” theme song to inspire the Lakers’ championship run.

“Kobe ‘doin’ work’, 2-4 on my shirt,” Weezy raps. “He the greatest on the court, and I’m the greatest on the verse….2-4 so nice, my flow so mean/Catch me at the game sittin’ next to Goldstein/Kobe Bryant Nikes, purple, gold strings/Kobe in the game, homie you know who the team/’Black Mamba,’ attack, conquer/basketball Weez, rap monster/cross over good, or turn around jumper/Or I’ll just drive the lane and dunk on dunkers/You know where it’s going, it’s going down yo/This is the late show, but don’t drown though/I call him King Bryant, not let the crown show.” (“Kobe Bryant”)

Check out Kobe Bryant’s interview:

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