Kimora Lee Simmons Says She “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, Won’t Stop”

Kimora Lee Simmons Says She “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, Won’t Stop”

After the weekend’s “Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane” season four premiere, SOHH sat down with fashion diva & series star Kimora Lee Simmons to get the inside scoop on her latest fabulous adventures.

Promising this season will continue to satisfy fans’ palate to live vicariously through her  jet-setter lifestyle, Kimora also said she is focused on starting anew for 2011.

“I think it’s an exciting season and I’m no longer with [clothing brand] Baby Phat,” Kimora told SOHH while discussing her latest season. “I think most of the people know that but just for the few stragglers that aren’t quite sure, I’m no longer with Baby Phat. So I think in this season, you’ll see a lot about me rebuilding and rebranding and repositioning myself. I feel like I’m at a great place and time to be able to offer fashion to my community that I’ve serviced that’s kind of grown up with me. So I feel [this season] is great for that.” (SOHH)

Kimora also revealed a few new products she is dropping later this year and promised her drive to continue dominating the entertainment world would not slow down any time soon.

“I have a new fragrance coming out in the spring called Love Me,” Kimora added. “I have a skincare line that I’m working on you’ll see on the show. It’s called “Shinto”. So I really feel like my motto for the new year is ‘Upward and Onward.’ And I think that’s a great motto. Like new beginnings, fresh starts, starting over. I think a lot of people can really identify with that in this time and this economy. I feel like a lot of people can understand a fresh start, starting over and still being great and fabulous. You all should be running along with me. I can’t stop, won’t stop, won’t stop.” (SOHH)

Similar to previous seasons, the fashion moguls’ show will exhibit the ins and outs of her daily life.

What’s new for Kimora this season? EVERYTHING! Fans will have a front row seat as Kimora creates a virtual space where fans can participate in the new world of Kimora at, this modern mogul’s new website. To bring attention to the launch of the KLS empire, Kimora pulls out all the stops, including hiring a flash mob that hits the streets with a huge dance routine that is incredibly successful at drawing tons of interest. Kimora also heads to Hawaii to launch ‘Kouture by Kimora’ on the big island with a glamorous fashion show, but things get stressful when it looks like all the elements won’t come together in time for her big unveiling. (Press Release)

Last August, Kimora parted ways with her renowned fashion label, Baby Phat.

Kimora Lee Simmons is shedding her Baby Phat! I can exclusively reveal that my Style Network reality star pal is moving on from Baby Phat and Phat Fashions, the fashion house she launched 14 years ago… I just got word that Simmons and Baby Phat’s parent company, Kellwood Company, will go their separate ways as of Sept. 1. “After 14 years of conceiving and nurturing Baby Phat, it’s time for me to move on and further expand my other businesses and create a new phenomenon,” Simmons says. “I adore all those who have faithfully been with me since the beginning.” (E! Online)

“Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane” airs Sunday on the Style Network at 9 p.m. ET/PT. You can also check Kimora Lee Simmons’ Twitter @OfficialKimora

Check out footage from “Kimora: Life In The Fab Lane” below:

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