Kim Kardashian’s Ex-BFF Reacts To KimYe Baby News

Kim Kardashian’s Ex-BFF Reacts To KimYe Baby News

Former reality television star Paris Hilton has reacted to the recent news of ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcoming in a newborn baby later this year.

While brief with her words, Hilton made sure to congratulate the mother-to-be.

They ain’t exactly friends anymore … in fact, they’re more like fierce rivals … but Paris Hilton tells TMZ she’s happy her ex-BFF Kim Kardashian is knocked up with Kanye’s baby. Paris — who is NOT with child — was on her way into Emerson Nightclub in Hollywood last night when we asked her how she felt about Kim’s super famous fetus. “I’m really happy for her,” Hilton said. Paris then proceeded to enter the club scene … where people in Kim’s, er, “situation” aren’t usually welcome with open arms … right Craig Robinson from “Knocked Up”? (TMZ)

Hilton and Kardashian’s bond reportedly soured a few years ago.

Hilton and Kardashian’s friendship ended many years ago; Hilton has since apologized for publicly mocking the Armenian star’s butt in a radio interview. “It’s 100 percent jealousy,” a source told Us Weekly of Hilton in 2010. “Kim is not only doing what Paris did, she’s doing it better.” (Us Magazine)

Fellow reality star Snooki recently reacted to KimYe’s baby news and offered up some advice.

“I recommend Kim to just don’t push it with the working and just relax and enjoy being pregnant because I miss being pregnant now,” she told MTV News on Monday. “I think Kim and Kanye are going to be really good parents. Obviously, they are in love with each other, and I think Kim has finally found her man. They both love fame and the spotlight so I think they are a perfect match and I think they are going to be great parents.” (MTV)

Yeezy broke the unexpected announcement to fans in late December.

The rapper announced at a concert Sunday night that his girlfriend is pregnant. He told the crowd of more than 5,000 at Revel Resort’s Ovation Hall in song form: “Now you having my baby.” The crowd roared. And so did people on the Internet. The news instantly went viral on Twitter and Facebook, with thousands posting and commenting on the expecting couple. (CBS News)

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