Kim Kardashian Shook Over Debut Single, “You’re Not Gonna Get Beyonce Here”

Kim Kardashian Shook Over Debut Single, “You’re Not Gonna Get Beyonce Here”

Television reality star Kim Kardashian has set a three-week deadline for dropping a long-awaited new single called “Turn It Up.”

Speaking at last night’s Grammy Awards pre-show red carpet in Los Angeles, Kardashian broke her silence on the record.

“[It’s coming out] in about three weeks,” she told Sway Calloway and special MTV correspondent Snooki. “I’m so excited…You know it was something that I was really uncomfortable and nervous about, and [The-Dream] really just wanted me to step outside of my box and try something I’ve never done before — So I was really honest. I’m like, ‘You’re not gonna get Beyonce here, you’re not gonna get Celine Dion,’ and he really pulled something out of me … I was just so nervous.” (MTV)

Last month, Kardashian explained her temporary foray into the music biz.

“Basically, Ciara came to me and was like, ‘You’ve got to meet The-Dream,'” Kim explained in an interview. “I was not into doing a song. I thought, ‘Everyone kind of tries that, and it doesn’t really work out so well.’ So I talked to friends like Kanye [West] and a few of my other musical friends, like this is their life. They gave me good advice. They asked me what I do for fun, and I said, ‘I go shopping, I hang out with friends.’ And they said, ‘We go to the studio for fun. Come have fun with us. Don’t think too much about it.'” Kim continued, clarifying that an album is not in the works: “There’s no album in the works or anything — just one song we did for the show, and a video Hype Williams directed,” Kim said. “Half of the proceeds we’re giving away to a cancer foundation, because The-Dream’s and one of my parents passed away from cancer. It’s just all having fun — with a good cause.” (Billboard)

Following the buzz behind Kim’s music industry experimental run, SOHH hit up R&B hitmaker Keri Hilson for her take.

“I haven’t [followed the story] at all, actually, I thought it was rumor,” Keri told SOHH about Kardashian’s attempt at the music industry. “How do we know it’s true? But hey, I think we’re all entitled to follow our dreams. And if that’s part of her dream, then go for it. You know? I wouldn’t resent anybody for trying something new and you never know what could happen. [Kim] could discover that she has a new passion.” (SOHH)

The “Turn It Up” music video reportedly went into production around late December.

Kanye West teamed up with Kim Kardashian and Hype Williams for a music video shoot in L.A. yesterday (December 28) — but it wasn’t for his own album … it was all for Kim’s upcoming single. Sources connected to the video tell us … Hype — the most famous music video director on the planet — spent hours working with Kim and Kanye during a secret closed set shoot. As we previously reported, Kim is working on an entire studio album with super-producer The Dream — but it’s unclear when the world will finally get a chance to hear KK’s voice. (TMZ)

Check out some past Kim Kardashian footage down below:

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