Kim Kardashian Addresses Kanye West, Pregnancy Rumors

Kim Kardashian Addresses Kanye West, Pregnancy Rumors

Television reality star Kim Kardashian has stepped forward to address rumors this week claiming she is pregnant with Kanye West‘s child.

While brief with her statement, Kardashian denied being pregnant by the Grammy-winning hip-hop star.

When it comes to Internet rumors, it really is hard to keep up with the Kardashians. The latest? Kim Kardashian is said to be pregnant with Kanye West’s baby following some summer sightings together. Not so, says the E! reality starlet, 30, who is currently linked to Halle Berry’s ex Gabriel Aubry. “The rumors are absolutely not true,” Kardashian tells PEOPLE. “I’m not pregnant.” (PEOPLE)

Rumors and gossip of the two friends being intimate landed online this week.

Hollywierd is at it again! This time the rumor is Kim Kardashian got pregnant by Kanye West! What’s scarier? The thought of Kim Kardashian being pregnant or Kanye West becoming a both! Not to bash either star but the two of them coming together to produce a child would break the hearts of many fans and would be a huge year end shocker! Apparently Media Take Out started the rumor on Monday by stating: “Kim is being very secretive about everything. She calls [Kanye] almost non-stop and wants to know what she should do.” (Celebs Gather)

In October, Kardashian denied rumors suggesting she was dating West.

Good news for Big Apple bachelors: Kim Kardashian is still available. When asked about the rumors linking her to Kanye West, whom she recently shot some scenes with at the new N.Y. Dash location, Kim laughed them off. “It’s like, automatically you’re dating…right now, apparently I’m pregnant,” she told E! News, “That’s the new one!” Another person the 100 percent single girl isn’t seeing is… (E! Online)

West recently admitted to wanting to eventually settle down and have a child.

“I’m a hopeless romantic and I’m looking and trying to decide who the mother of my child will be. It’s not going to be based off a whim of being in love; she has to bring a certain level to the table. I want to be married, I want that super-dope counterpart, that one woman, but she has to be super-fresh, super-smart and not overwhelmed by her career. I’ll find her, maybe I’ll be 38 … maybe I’m not fully who I am yet, maybe that’s why I haven’t found her … The main quality is that you know that this person will ride or die for you. Whether she’s mad at you, whether she’s with you or nor, she still loves you, she stills bigs you up in any circle. She doesn’t talk down about you to other people. That’s the main thing that I need.” (ID Magazine)

Check out some recent Kim Kardashian footage down below:

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