Killer Mike Wants That Old Thing Back, “The South Has Created A Style That Has Become Pop”

Killer Mike Wants That Old Thing Back, “The South Has Created A Style That Has Become Pop”

Atlanta rapper Killer Mike has shed light on how the rap game has evolved and questioned the authenticity of what music is coming from the South these days.

Airing out his thoughts via Twitter, Mike gave his reflection on today’s current state of music.

“I am witnessing the world change b4 my eyes. I am watching non southern kids rap in triple six mafia style & UGK & Bouncing. Chad Won Hoe!,” he tweeted Monday (May 30).

“@broadwaydolla I was watching white do it…the next leaders of this country…the tweet means no more bias homie No north hate.”

“Meaning of the last tweet The South has created a style that has become POP. Dunno how long this will last but ain’t it amazing.” (Killer Mike’s Twitter)

A few weeks ago, Miami rapper Trina reflected on past Southern rap stereotypes.

“At first, people really did not take the South that seriously. It wasn’t considered real hip-hop – just fast music, a lot of up-tempo, booty-shaking dance music. Over the years, it has gotten stronger, and there are some Southern artists – Trick [Daddy], T.I., Ludacris, Lil’ Wayne, Rick Ross – that took what they believed in and turned it into a whole hip-hop genre. I’m really honored to be a part of that movement. There are so many different artists from different parts of the South that have different types of music. And now it’s taking over – and at first it wasn’t even considered!” (All Hip Hop)

Florida rapper Ace Hood also recently spoke on his music being heavily influenced by the South.

“Mainly the south. I’m from Southern Florida but I listen to a lot of T.I. and [Lil] Wayne. I’m versatile in what I listen to though. I like Canibus and some other artists from up north. I think in the north, they’re big on tight lyrics and in the South it’s based on swagger and how slick lines can be slipped in, in clever ways.” (Rap-Up)

Last year, Mississippi rapper David Banner hit up SOHH to discuss the misconception of Southern artists’ lack of lyrical skills.

“People talk about the South not being about lyrics, well I don’t know when we were ever “not” rapping. That’s one of my gripes with people. Even with me recently, everybody has been acting like I’ve got this big epiphany or I was stupid or something. You’ve always had Bun B, Scarface, Andre 3000, I don’t know why people are coming up with this. You’ve always had Cee-lo Green. For every New York rapper that’s really lyrical, I can find you a Southern rapper that matches them. For every Southern rapper you say can’t rap, I can find the equivalent in New York. It’s funny because people would always talk about the Ying Yang Twins but I was like, Flavor Flav is New York’s Ying Yang Twins. So with me saying that, I can find you a Talib Kweli in the South.” (SOHH Guest Star)

Check out some recent Killer Mike footage below:

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