Killer Mike Says She’s A Very Freaky Girl, “I Take My Wife To The Strip Club”

Killer Mike Says She’s A Very Freaky Girl, “I Take My Wife To The Strip Club”

Atlanta rapper Killer Mike has opened up on just how real his music is and why fans should not be surprised to find him at a local strip club accompanied by none other than his wife.

While admitting he enjoys a good amount of adult entertainment, Killer Mike said he is still on his A game when it comes to politics.

“If I go all the way politicized, I become a zealot who’s not allowed to have fun with the people and the community that raised me. But if I go the other way, I become an ignoramus who isn’t properly qualified to speak on my community’s behalf. Me and my girl go to the kids’ school on Friday, then we go to the strip club Saturday night, and then we wake up and go to church Sunday morning, and we’re back to business on Monday. That’s my real life. At the end of the day, I’m a big black country motherfucker! All of that’s gonna come with me. [laughs] I can’t be all Public Enemy and not embrace my 2 Live Crew. You’ll always see me at a political rally and the black strip club; I’m gonna represent smoking weed and I’m gonna represent supporting Trayvon Martin on my record, because I’m a whole man.” (Pitchfork)

Mike also went on to stress the authenticity found in his rap content.

“[To wife] How did you react? She’s says, “It’s our real life.” She really is pretty as a singer, fine as a stripper– strippers really do try to tip her. I know a lot of n*ggas say, “I rap real sh*t.” But they don’t– they rap about a “G.I. Joe” episode. I rap real sh*t. I rap when I’m rich. I rap when I’m broke. I rap when I’m bullsh*t in the street. I rap about only having one woman now. If you can look at a continuum of my career, it’s been an evolution of a real dude. So when I say I take my wife to the strip club, we’re there, at the five-dollar joint. More than anything, I want people to take away that I’m not mainstream act. I’m not Tupac, Part 10. I’m Killer Kill from the ‘Ville and this is all the way, 100% real.” (Pitchfork)

Last year, the Atlanta rapper named his top five favorite ATL gentlemen’s clubs.

Blue Flame 1097 Harwell Road Northwest Atlanta, GA 30318: It’s the Triple A farm team for Magic City beat deal in town for 5 dollar lap dances. The Foxxxy Lady 1635 Moreland Ave Atlanta, GA 30316: 5 dollar dances guess with huge a**es but all the Killers go there. You better be official or risk getting robbed. Kamal’s 21 1905 Piedmont Rd NE Atlanta GA, 30324: The model for the Grind Time Official Our Lady CD @anisetai works there and she is fine as a MOFO. Bring ya bank roll you will spend it. Magic City 241 Forsyth Street Southwest Atlanta, GA 30303: The pros, baby. Fat a**es and beautiful faces. It’s like the Ms. America pageant only nude with much finer women. Big money spot so don’t go broke. Goosebumps 134 Baker Street NE Atlanta, GA 30308: My girl likes the chairs and all the dancers love her so I end up paying and she gets all the stripper love I long for.” (XXL Mag)

In October, Grammy-winning rapper T.I. revealed his top four favorite adult spots.

When it comes to the world of gentlemen’s establishments, there’s no finer connoisseur than T.I. … and last night at Boa in Hollywood, the rapper named the top 4 nudie spots in all of Atlanta … gathered from years of experience. “What strip clubs would I recommend [in Atlanta]?,” Tip said in an interview. “Onyx, Magic City, uh, Strokers, and Blue Flame. Is Magic City the best? Arguably so. Definitely the best on a Monday. Aight! (TMZ)

Check out some past Killer Mike footage below:

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