Killer Mike Calls Himself ‘One Lucky Bastard’ After Pressure-Filled “Late Show” Set

Killer Mike Calls Himself ‘One Lucky Bastard’ After Pressure-Filled “Late Show” Set

Days after Atlanta’s Killer Mike packed his bags and tore down the “Late Show with David Letterman,” SOHH hit up the rap veteran to find out how the unexpected opportunity came about.

According to Killer Mike, David Letterman‘s booking coordinator turned out to be a big fan of his work and reached out to see if he would swing by to perform.

“His booker is a wonderful woman, she loves rap music and ‘Untitled’ was her favorite record,” Mike told SOHH, referring to the “Late Show with David Letterman’s” booking agent. “And I’m the lucky bastard that made it. It’s that simple. I appreciated her for booking me and I appreciate Dave for giving me the OK. It was actually pretty dope. … Letter was a lot of pressure because that’s what I used to watch with my grandpa. God rest the dead, I know he was somewhere watching. I was really nervous. I’m going to be really nervous [when the day comes and] I do Leno because I want to see his cars [collection]. [laughs]” (SOHH)

Appreciative but not satisfied after the “Late Show” set, Mike said he is up for tackling a few more notable after hours talk shows.

“I hope so,” Mike told SOHH when asked if we can expect to see him doing more prime time and late night talk show performances. “If you come see me on a show, you’re going to see a little bit of everything. You’re going to see some rapping, talking and some funnys sh*t. I would love to do Kimmel, Fallon, Leno, Letterman again and daily within the same blocks. We’re gonna keep pushing and making dope records and hopefully you guys will keep supporting and giving me the opportunity.” (SOHH)

Mike and some close pals took over the “Late Show” Monday (March 18) night.

Killer Mike made his way to the Big Apple on Monday night to serve as musical guest on the Late Show with David Letterman. Bringing along a live band and special guests El-P and Scar, the ATLien performed his song “Untitled.” Off last year’s R.A.P. Music album, you can purchase a copy on iTunes. (Miss Info TV)

Outside of live performances, Mike is working on a handful of new albums.

“[Pledge IV] is gonna be what Pledge is – motivation music. Anybody who’s listened to Pledge knows that. I’m motivated to lose a little weight, so hopefully I’ll be smaller when Pledge IV comes out. The Pledge series has always been about setting goals; it’s been about dope music, but they’ve become almost like research papers with thesis statements. We started PL3DGE with ‘So Glorious’ – you know, ‘My story is so glorious/Fat fly boy, young Notorious’ – it was just my whole description of what I had been through, and Pledge II started with this speech that people love…and Pledge I was about leaving Purple Ribbon and leaving a major label and becoming this new thing on my own, so Pledge has always been about defining who I am at that moment and where me and my supporters can go together…Pledge IV is gonna be more of that over bigger, deffer beats. Harry Fraud is gonna be on that, El-P is gonna be on that.” (XXL Mag)

Check out Killer Mike’s performance:

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