Kidz In The Hall Lace Up W/ Reebok, Re-Imagine Classic Hip-Hop Song

Kidz In The Hall Lace Up W/ Reebok, Re-Imagine Classic Hip-Hop Song

Rap group Kidz In The Hall, Kid Sister and B.O.B. have been chosen to help promote a new series of Reebok Classic Remix sneakers with new remakes to hip-hop classics.

In preparation for the release, Naledge and Double-O will hit the studio to record a song for the campaign.

Kidz In The Hall have teamed with Reebok for the classic remix collection. The duo will re-intrepret the classic song “I Got It Made” by Special Ed. Their remixed cut will be available exclusively at Foot Locker stores with the purchase of footwear from the Reebok Classic Remix collection on March 10, 2009. (Hip Hop Press)

Following the duo, Reebok plans to continue the promotional run with additional urban acts.

Kidz In The Hall (Major League/Duck Down Music) will be the first group in the series to re-interpret the classic song. Reebok will offer new styles and color ways from the collection throughout the year, each featuring a new artist and re-interpreted track. Next in the series will be Kid Sister, followed by B.o.B. (Pro Hip Hop)

Reebok’s aim on the forthcoming sneakers will be to provide consumers with a more retro line of apparel.

In celebration of this new collection, Reebok is partnering with today’s top emerging hip-hop artists. Each will re-interpret an original influential song from the 80’s to be distributed exclusively with the Classic Remix collection. This spring Reebok will release a new collection of classic footwear styles which has been updated to create the Classic Remix collection. Key retro elements of the past and streamline detailing of the present combine a ‘then and now’ look at Reebok’s history. The Classic Remix collection will be available exclusively at Foot Locker stores. (Press Release)

The sportswear company is known for teaming with rap stars including 50 Cent and Jay-Z around 2003.

Music mogul Jay-Z and Reebok have formed an exclusive partnership that entails athletic footwear design and marketing. The cornerstone of this partnership is a new Jay-Z signature shoe line called the “S. Carter Collection by Rbk.” Jay-Z is formally known as Shawn Carter, and Rbk is Reebok,s collection of street-inspired gear. (All Business)

Reebok also recently made headlines over an incident with rapper Kid Cudi earlier this month at an NBA All-Star event.

Cudi was in an altercation leaving him tasered and apprehended by authorities, according to multiple sources. The rapper apparently was involved in a fight or altercation while at a Reebok party in Phoenix, Arizona. Much of the music industry is in the city celebrating the NBA’s popular All-Star weekend. Eyewitnesses said he physically and verbally confronted a pair of Reebok employees over wearing a pair of their shoes. The artist was booked by the apparel company to perform at the venue. (All Hip Hop)

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